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Write about two stories from Opening Worlds in which older or traditional ways of life are affected by change.

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Write about two stories from Opening Worlds in which older or traditional ways of life are affected by change. In Dead Man's Path the mission authorities appointed a 'young and energetic man' to take over the school. This was to make the school progress more. Mr Obi and his wife say how they shall make the school 'modern and delightful.' He shows disrespect for people who have been teaching for many years, the same type of people that gave him a 'sound education,' which 'set him apart from other headmasters.' Instead of respecting and showing gratitude towards them he just said, 'these old and superannuated people in the teaching field who would be better employed in the Onitsha market.' Mr Obi thinks that he can run a school properly and he implies it has not been run properly before, ' what a grand opportunity we've got at last to show these people how a school should be run.' ...read more.


The village priest went to see Mr Obi, and tried to explain about the path and its roots. Mr Obi would not listen. Soon after this a village women died while giving birth. As Mr Obi had not listened to the village people and come up with a compromise the villagers blamed him for the death, and ruined the school. They pulled down hedges and buildings. That day the supervisor came, and he saw the state of the school. Because of Mr Obi's insensitivity and lack of respect for others peoples beliefs and traditions he was reprimanded. As in Dead Man's Path Snapshots of a wedding has an element of change from the more traditional ways. Neo was the only member of her family who had completed her 'O' levels, because of this 'she walked around with her nose in the air.' ...read more.


The old ways comes back into Neo's life because she gets herself pregnant by Kegoletile. This is because she is now feeling insecure and wants the wedding to her to be secured. The wedding was more traditional, and Kegoletile's maternal aunts told Neo how she 'must' (they say must as it is tradition amongst all the families) 'carry water' and that 'he is the owner of the house and must be obeyed. Do not mind if he stops now and then and talks to other ladies. Let him feel free to come and go as he likes.' This means that the aunts are telling Neo to let Kegoletile have as many affairs as he wants and there is nothing wrong with it. They are implying that it is wrong that Kegoletile does not. I think as Kegoletile and Neo were younger they had different plans, for them both to get good jobs and work. This would mean they were both bringing money into the household and so the family could become rich quite fast. Alicia Brockington English Coursework 04/05/07 ...read more.

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