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Young adults, aged 16-20, are becoming Increasingly desensitized to violence in films - investigate.

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Young adults, aged 16-20, are becoming Increasingly desensitized to violence in films HYPOTHESIS I have chosen to investigate this hypothesis because of the growing number of violent films being produced by the film industry. Also the violence contained in these films is becoming increasingly graphic and sociological research suggests this rapid increase in these films has lead to more violent actions committed by 16-20 year olds, as it is this age range that watch these films the most. One of the reasons suggested for this is that they are becoming desensitized to the violent scenes, potentially making them more able to commit/witness violent acts more easily e.g. Nathan Martinez. Word count : 109 CONTEXT AND CONCEPTS My first context is the Newson Report (1995). This investigated the link between children's actions and video violence. It was stimulated by the murder of the child James Bulger by other children. The main findings of the report where: ? That violence and sadism are more easily available now via films, either in cinemas or on videos. ? This material leads to real life violence i.e. the James Bulger murder ? It includes excessive research that clearly links media violence, through heavy and prolonged viewing, to violent/aggressive behavior. Through my research I want to prove Newson's finding correct by producing research that supports the same point - that media violence does increase violent behavior. ...read more.


I have chosen this method because: - ? Closed questionnaires will let me get a wide range of participants and do a large survey, so that I can generalize my findings. ? By using closed questionnaires I can restrict the participant's answers so that each individual can only give the same responses therefore I can use my data to generalize and give more reliable results. ? Closed questionnaires are also the most practical of the 3 methods, as they are very economical and don't cost too much to conduct. This is very important as I am a student and therefore anyway I can minimize cost without jepodising the quality of my research is extremely useful. ? Closed questionnaires are also less biased and more objective as they let me gather quantitative data therefore I can be more scientific. This is important, as I am a positivist sociologist. The actual questionnaire will be split into 2 sections. The first section will be devised to find out what genre of film the participant watches the most. This way I can check if the participant watches violent movies i.e. action films, gory horror films etc a lot. The second section will require the participant to rate how violent a series of 25 movies are from a pre-determined list by ticking a box under various headings. ...read more.


a wider picture so that I can generalize my results, therefore interprevisits will contradict my study by saying that is focuses too much on wider aspects and not on the individual. I have also chosen to be as reliable as possible and because of this validity is compromised because of the lack of detail and interpretation. A big problem I am going to face is defining violence and how it is caused. This is because it is extremely difficult to isolate one factor from society and try and study it. My concept of media effects suggested a number of different variables could be influencing the victim so I cannot just isolate one factor. It could therefore be argued that my data might not prove desensitization, as everyone's answers will always depend on how they see violence, how it affects them and whether they have a high or low threshold for it. Also the respondents will be limited to answering by choosing one of the classified categories already determined by myself. I will also have to make judgements on what films are violent when I am constructing the list of films for section 2 of the questionnaire. This is a problem as everyone might not think a film I have selected is particularly violent or be able to answer within the set categories. Word count: 286 Total word count: 1370 Jennifer Meakin Sociolgy Coursework ...read more.

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