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Beauty and the Beast

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Disney is an excellent example of a Media corporation as it is known worldwide, go any where in the world and ask someone about Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck and they will know that you are talking about Disney. They have a huge range of advertising and merchandise ranging from children's books and films to holiday resorts and theme parks. The Disney brand appeals to all, children and adults alike. People will expect stereotypical characters for good and evil, the evil characters being quite dark and in dark surroundings, there intentions will be and as well. They would expect the good character/s to prevail at the end. Beauty and the Beast is a classic film using old style animation techniques. It has been recently digitally re-mastered for the next generation to enjoy the magic of Disney. In comparison Toy Story uses computer generated images that saves time and gives a more realistic feel to the film. The animation techniques used in Beauty and the Beast will make the audience expect an older story with more 'old fashioned' morals whereas Toy Story uses modern animation techniques the audience would expect a modern tale with a moral more to do with issues at the moment. DEVELOPMENT In Beauty and the Beast the evil character changes during the film, at the beginning the Beast is the villain. ...read more.


At the beginning of Toy Story Woody is the villain when Buzz first arrives in the bedroom. He is jealous of Buzz, as he is not getting the same respect from his friends as before. As the story moves on Woody begins to change and realize that Buzz is not such a threat as he first assumed. He begins to change to what he was before, leading the way and setting a good example. He helps them get to Pizza Planet and saves Buzz from being blown up by a firework by their evil next-door neighbour, Sid. The other toys responded differently to him when he was seen as the evil character, treating him like a traitor and mocking him. There are quite a few 'good' characters in Beauty and the Beast but Belle is the main one. She is very kind hearted and sweet and can find the good side in anyone as shown with the Beast. She changes everything in the castle for the better. She is always in blues, whites and yellows and this helps form her character. People around the village see her as weird of different because if the way she is, carefree and not afraid to not be a part of a group. ...read more.


This shows a 'good' bedroom. Sid's is the complete opposite being very dark and scary with luminous posters on the wall and green lights, it is very untidy with tools and a workbench. It does not give off the idea of a child's bedroom more of a 'lair' whereas Andy's is a typical child's room with lots of Toys. Sid's room shows his character, very dark and evil. There is a clear contrast between Andy and Sid's environments and there personalities. Good and evil are shown well in Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast using very stereotypical characters and obvious techniques such as the use of colour and setting. These help make an impact on the audience by letting them become involved by being able to hate the villain and be on the good characters sides or vice versa. CONCLUSION I believe that Beauty and the Beast was the most successful in portraying 'good and evil'. The use of settings such as the dark, gloomy castle with the stormy weather and dark clouds around it tell you immediately it is an evil place. The evil and good characters are very clear to define as well; the Beast and Gaston are at one point evil and Belle and the Beast good. The lighting shows good and evil well, before Belle has any influence over the Beast or the castle it is very dark and gloomy and over time becomes much lighter and cleaner. ...read more.

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