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drama coursework

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Drama Coursework The two pieces I have chosen to compare are; 'Twelfth Night', written by Shakespeare and another piece 'Complications', devised by my group about confusion. I recognise that 'Twelfth Night' being such an old play has been presented and performed in various ways and I am focusing on just one film and play therefore some of the information may be irrelevant to some particular portrayals of the play. The pieces show similar story lines however being set in to very different eras they also show some vast differences. Our modern version of the piece was set in the 21st century; and 'Twelfth Night' was set in the 16th century (Shakespearean times). This already implies that both plays will show very different views and perceptions to the characters, their personalities and approaches, also they may show different reactions to situations. Both pieces are about two siblings and confusion of them and who they are. In 'Twelfth Night' both characters knew of their existence however at that time did not recognise each other and did not know who they were, however in our piece both characters although knowing each other did not know of their relationship with one another (being twins). ...read more.


believe that nobody should be treated differently and have more priority in a relationship and it is about both people regardless of their sex. People in the 16th century were expected to live with their husbands and act under and listen to whatever they said however now times have developed and changed considerably; women are much more independent; even though most society portrays a certain perspective there are always the odd character, in 'Twelfth Night' Olivia shows great independence and has the confidence to live her life alone however as society views women differently and inferior she felt the need to dress up as a man in order to get a job; and in 'complications' the 'other woman' shown is not as independent as the original mother. 'Twelfth Night' is a comedy, some characters more comical than others as with any drama; however our play 'Complications' although some comical events occur the drama is more of a serious nature, it was a play that showed the change of two young girls; when they found out that their parents had lied to them and there was more to them than what they were presented, for example the existence of their other twin and mother and father. ...read more.


It is seen that the clothing worn by the characters also reflect their statuses and personalities. The themes in both plays are that two siblings are split up and at the end unite together; this is identical in both pieces. They also both use butlers of similar characteristics, although the sister whom the butler works for in 'Complications' is rather unpleasant to the butler, the well behaved, polite twin sister is very kind to him; similar to in 'Twelfth Night' in which Olivia and her butler get along however many of the other characters have a problem with him. In conclusion one could say that both drama performances have similarities and differences but it is what makes them both individual pieces, they also show different aspects of life and show different events very effectively. For example; 'Twelfth Night' shows many comical events as when Malvolio gets taken into a mental institute after being tricked by the other characters, and in 'Complications' when the twin living with the 'step-mother' confronts her, it is a very emotional scene but it is one that could happen in real life. ?? ?? ?? ?? Drama coursework Ms Tindsley Sharone Balarajah 10S.3 ...read more.

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