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  1. Expressive typography Evaluation.

    For this I tried out colour pencils, acrylic paint, black pen and felt tips. I come to the conclusion that felt tips worked the best for my usual version as it produced a range of very bright colours and tones which allowed the letters of the design to stand out and look psychedelically.

    • Word count: 447
  2. comparison of still life with a skull (1671) by Phillipe de campaigne and Mortality and Immortality (1876) by William Harnett.

    Content: In Campaigne's painting, there is a skull dominating the image, with a flower to its left and sand timer to its right. Its as if Campaigne wanted to encapsulate life and death within the very same image by having a flower symbolising life whilst having the skull to symbolising death. The timer could possibly be suggesting time is running out and you will die next. Harnett's image however gives us a clue as to what it is about, because eof its tilte; Mortality and immortality .

    • Word count: 998
  3. Artist research into Raphaelle peale's 'Venus rising from the sea'

    it's as if Venus just had a shower and is standing behind shower curtains combing her hair. Basic elements: Contrasting colours are used to create the sense that the cloth seems to be floating. The stark white of the cloth brings out the cloth into the foreground, while the dark brown background suggests the background. There are also undertones used to suggest the overlapping as the cloth edges drape over itself. Subtle variations in these tones have been skilfully used to create a realistic 'wavy' cloth, Content: A cloth is hung up in the foreground and there is a woman standing behind the cloth in the distance which is suggested by the size difference between the cloth and the woman.

    • Word count: 736
  4. Artist research into Tom Blacwell's 'Hudson river landscape'

    Content: When I first look at this painting, I see a typical urban scene. It seems dusk has arrived; giving everything a deep blue glaze. I see a run down car beside a pond, lying next to run down wall infested with graffiti. Cracks are visible on the wall at closer inspection. The scene seems quite still and we can tell this is so by the still unmoving reflection within the pond beside the car. The lack of people within the painting also emphasises the tranquillity of the still life within the painting.

    • Word count: 1226
  5. artist research into Brendan neiland

    There is a clash of bold colours creating that 'ripple' effect as if the buildings consist of water which is an interesting thought. There's good use of contrasting, sharp, geometrical precise shapes with loose shapeless objects. The reflective surfaces of the buildings in these paintings are all made up of windows which can be seen at closer inspection; these windows show symmetrical and geometrical precision and there is a sense of perspective in many cases; however there is also the loose wavy shapes of the reflections shown on the windows.

    • Word count: 1241
  6. Describe a recent film by a contemporary director. What is specific about his/her style?

    We can also find here states between dream and awakening, detours to subconscious and other worlds. It is hard to distinguish which events, centering around the leading character are real and which refer to delusions and dreams. There are recurring shots of red curtains, scenes with camera moving along dimly lit corridors or rooms strangely lit with bedside lamps. What is new about this film is the fact it was created in an unconventional way. It was a great challenge for the actors, who did not have the complete version of the script, but single scenes.

    • Word count: 2035
  7. Visit To London Aquarium

    London Aquarium is not only one of the newest and largest aquaria in Europe, but also one of the finest. It is housed in the cellars of the old County Hall right beside the conspicuous London Eye, overlooking the Thames and within sight of the Houses of Parliament, in short the best location for an aquarium you could imagine in London. The house obviously was not built to accommodate an aquarium, but somehow the plan worked, so when you walked around down there you don't feel in any way that it wasn't created for the purpose, - no endless straight corridors with equidistant.

    • Word count: 2132
  8. My name is Sarah..... I am but three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see,

    Oh please let it end! And he finally stops And heads for the door, While I lay there motionless Sprawled on the floor My name is Sarah And I am but three, Tonight my daddy Murdered me. Angry, hurt, destroyed Broken, bruised and toyed Damned to a secret hell Falling for your deadly spell Wounded soul, live hood charred Feeling so stupid, arms now scarred Innocence stolen, purity taken Forever lost, joy forsaken So of tired life, sick of this fight I�??m going to take my life tonight Same old story, two souls unite in a bond For years they

    • Word count: 1944
  9. Under Eighteens Disco

    She is now a mother to a 7-month baby at the age of 15. Also many people are concerned over under age drinking, this infact was a key factor to a nightclub being shut down recently, 'Studio 24' in Edinburgh was closed because of these teenagers turning up at the venue drunk, a newspaper article says that some teenagers were so drunk that they had to be taken home to parents by the police. Another key factor is that under age drinking increased according to a study. The study found that 21% of teenagers had consumed alcohol in the last week that's a rise of 2% from the study last year.

    • Word count: 682
  10. Art Evaluation For Study of Da Vinci

    This piece of work required deep visual analysis and good observation of what you saw in front of you. Next, with the remainder of the group, I did a piece of abstract mark making, experimenting with a pencil and eraser seeing how many different marks I could make. In keeping with the rest of the group I tore one section of my work and mounted the collage on to a black background in place so that the tear was observed like a page break.

    • Word count: 535
  11. starting digital photography

    As you follow the path through the book you'll learn much bout hardware, software, and procedures. In many ways teaching digital photography is much like teaching traditional photography. But his is true only up to a point. In traditional courses the end result is usually a print and the darkroom experience of creating it. In digital photography courses, a print is only one of many possible applications of a captured image. In many ways it's the least exciting aspect to students who are more oriented to the Internet and the possibilities it opens up to displaying and sharing images world-wide.

    • Word count: 967
  12. The Character of Leonardo

    Since they were formed upon yesterday's art, he does not assume that they are ready-made for today. While he seeks to comprehend the objectives behind the new art produced, nothing is a priori excluded or judged irrelevant"1. Steinberg advocates the idea where the process in understanding art is key and it is through the study of the ambiguous that one gains the greatest reward. Nagel's article titled Leonardo's Sfumato searches to investigate the reasons behind the accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci.

    • Word count: 1346
  13. Steinberg and the Attention to Detail

    Steinberg's study displays a thorough analysis through various aspects of Leonardo's painting. Separated in distinct nine chapters, Steinberg organizes and systemizes his thoughts and theories regarding this work of art. Chapters on the twelve disciples, feet and hands, functions of objects, and the importance of space and its connection with the viewer, all serve to further aid in the understanding of the depth of Leonardo's art. Jesus, being the main figure, bears the closest and most careful examination. This book offers very concise and calculated arrangements towards supporting Steinberg's theory that all these features are not the result of "a chance optical constellation" (p.23), but in fact part of a prearranged and planned design.

    • Word count: 1362
  14. Free essay

    The Life and Work of Salvador Dali

    > In 1918, Dali was sent to live with Ramon Pitchot, a family friend, connoisseur of art, and talented Impressionist painter > Dali became obsessed with a room full of Pitchot's Impressionist paintings in the tower, and spent hours there admiring them, eating, and painting. > In 1920-1921 Dali was exposed to, and influenced by, the Italian Futurists, Bonnard, and Eugene Carriere. > In 1921, at the age of seventeen, Dali entered the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.

    • Word count: 2026
  15. Walt Disney Report

    He is an inspiration to almost every modern animator. As the co-founder of Walt Disney Productions, he became known as the best motion-picture producer in the world. The company he founded, Walt Disney Company, now has annual revenues of approximately U.S. $30 Billion. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois, to his father Elias Disney, and mother Flora Call Disney. Walt was one of five children, four boys and a girl. After Walt's birth, the Disney family moved to Marceline Missouri. Elias was fed up with all the violence in Chicago.

    • Word count: 773
  16. Child development

    The parents where very co-operative as they let me do a painting activity with Naomi and I needed to use some of their small pots. Naomi's speech is very good as I had a mature-like conversation with her that made sense. I asked her if she was alright and she replied "yes, I'm fine thank you". I then started to set up the painting activity, filling the little pots up with powder paint and getting paper for her to paint on. Naomi painted a picture of her and her mom.

    • Word count: 601
  17. Why is Chartres cathedral of such outstanding importance in the study of Gothic art and architecture?

    The abandonment of the quadripartite elevation in Chartres clearly shows the integration of "aesthetic and structural considerations, more specifically, the influence of aesthetics of light upon the development pf architecture"4. There have been at least five cathedrals on the site. Most of the present crypt, which is the largest in France, remains from the third reconstruction of the cathedral in 1020. The north tower was started shortly after 1134 and when it was nearly complete the south tower was begun.

    • Word count: 2013
  18. Free essay

    History Coursework Pickering Castle

    It is thought that it was originally built in wood, which would have rotted away leaving no trace. Therefore Lapper logged the transition of the castle from wood to stone. However his exact dates are questionable because nobody was around to record them, and there is no reliable written evidence. Any pictures or evidence from this time are not necessarily accurate. Lapper had to use his imagination. This is a problem as his imagination is not the same as anybody elses. He is an artist historian Lapper was commissioned by English Heritage to create paintings that were as far as possible accurate reconstructions of the castle during the 12th, 13th, and 14th century.

    • Word count: 1853
  19. History Never Repeats

    "Calm at Five Hills," by Ralph Wilson is naturally a realism painting. Realism is an art style that was popular in the 19th century. Realists paint ordinary objects, people and scenes as they appear in real life. The artist makes no attempt to dramatize the scene and only paints it as it truly is. Calm at Five Hills is as the style depicts painted as real as possible. Everything is in perspective with detail critical. This piece has a real balance between the real dunes and the reflection in the water below.

    • Word count: 1119
  20. Reason and Imagination

    If the scientific method is used to prove a theory to be true, then where do the ideas that formulate the theory originate from? When we see something that we do not understand, it sparks our curiosity forcing us to ask questions to satisfy it. For example, people in the 1600 believed that maggots formed naturally from rotting meat. Because flies commonly laid their eggs on rotten meat and maggots were found to commonly hatch on the meat, it was automatically assumed that the meat gave birth to the maggots.

    • Word count: 2070

    The exhibition is coherent, clear and unpredictable. It is divided thematically into Muses, Formal distortions, Interior visions, Portraits of friends and Pop Pastiche. As a training artist myself, I was familiar with most of the artists and works on display. I have always admired Anglo-Irish figurative painter, Francis Bacon for his use of often bold, grotesque and nightmarish imagery. Bacon once said "The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery" which is one of the reasons why I find his work so intriguing to study.

    • Word count: 548
  22. Romanticism v realism

    The ship had foundered off the west coast of Africa in 1816, laden with Algerian immigrants. It is a subjective interpretation of the event. Fifteen corpses and survivors are piled onto one another, posing in a melodramatic manner, giving the entire painting an implication of pain, suffering, despair and death. A man raised on the shoulders of his comrades waves a piece of white cloth towards the horizon. The composition is chaotic and dramatic yet the chaos is controlled by use of structure.

    • Word count: 862
  23. Writing about impressionism, about two impressionists and discussing their work.

    They concentrated on capturing the effects of light. My first artist that I will be discussing is Renoir. He was determined to be an artist and went to Gleyres studio; here he focused on the impressionist movement. He didn't paint nature or landscape but preferred to paint people. When It hit the 1880s ht took a change of direction and rediscovered classicism, ten years later he was back doing impressionism and concentrated on colour and light of the human form. My second impressionist is Edgar Degas. At the age of twenty Degas changed his career path from legal studies to being an artist.

  24. With Reference to the French 'enlightenment' notions on femininity masculinity and the family, describe the ways in which ideals of family, mother - and fatherhood, were articulated in French painting and graphic arts in the decades between c. 1750 and 17

    Previously women that had inherited land or familial titles did have some, albeit few political rights. However after the bourgeoisie revolution those rights disappeared. The revolution has been described as 'a world historical defeat for women.'3 General belief was that women were unable to play a political role like men due to the fact that their 'domestic responsibilities required them to devote their energies more to the private than public sphere.'4 In essence notions of motherhood and domesticity were stronger than ever after the revolution.

    • Word count: 3173
  25. Claude Monet was arguably the most influential painter of the Impressionist movement; even the word "impressionism" comes from one of Monet's

    We know from surviving notebooks that Monet's early sketches were mechanical and imitating of older artists, but he would later claim that at this age he drew "spontaneously" and "(covered) his schoolbooks with fantastic designs."4 Similarly, he would later allege to have held disdain for his next mentor, Eugene Boudin: "His painting inspired in me great aversion...without knowing the man, I hated him." Despite these feelings, Boudin would be the man who set Monet forth on his style of painting.

    • Word count: 1585

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