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A Picture is (Literally) Worth a Thousand Words: Memorable Family Moments Caught by Photography

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A Picture is (Literally) Worth a Thousand Words: Memorable Family Moments Caught by Photography (1,333 words) Family photographs have enabled me to develop a way to keep my family with me all the time, even when they are really not there. These pictures of my family represent a wide variety of importance and emotions in my life. Many of them serves as a link to my home life, since I am away at college without my family I allow their pictures to be decorations (memoirs) in my apartment. Some of them mean more than others, some are recent, and others come from my childhood. A picture I have framed on the center wall in my apartment is of my family on vacation this summer; it depicts our true "selves" and exemplifies how much we truly love one another. I am standing on the left side of my father in this photo with my mom on his left and my brother on hers. We are on vacation at the Atlantis Resort and as I look at this picture of my family a warm, delightful feeling rushes over me. I remember the exact day it was taken and all the wonderful things that occurred on this trip. ...read more.


When photography was first developed only the upper class families could afford these portraits and thus the norm for what family photographs should look like was set by them. In the past people did not even smile in their pictures and most pictures they took were formal and all looked or tried to look the same. Different types of family photographs and how each is used is shown throughout the article, hence giving the reader an understanding of how different the two can be. She sums up the article by saying, "Photography offers an important, enjoyable and potentially radical access to the means of producing self-images: but as long as those images remain bound by the ideology of the family, that potential will only occasionally or accidentally be realized"(342). Photography and its advantages are often taken for granted and the importance that certain photographs can have for people can sometimes only be seen through their eyes. I recently lost my grandfather and the picture that I have of him on one of our family vacations gives me a very strong feeling each time I look at it. I feel sad that he's no longer here with me, but then again I am very thankful to have this picture of him so that I can have a sort of imprint of him to reflect on. ...read more.


I have always loved to take pictures, throughout high school I took and enormous about of pictures of my friends and myself. Naturally, these pictures are important to me, but as I think about it they do not hold nearly as much meaning in my heart as my family pictures do. The value you install on pictures comes from within your own heart and is generally never the same for two different people. This family photo at the Atlantis is important to me because it is of my loving family while we are away from the stresses of one typical day-to-day life and our having a good time with one another. Yet, from my brother and Leslie who got engaged on the trip it holds many other memories and importance. Emotions can arise from almost any type pf picture you own, but a family photograph, especially one where the families "real" selves can be seen, can illuminate a person's heart to many feelings of contentment and self-belonging. Family photography has existed throughout time and holds a special meaning to all of us, yet how we interpret it and use it in our own life depends on the way we feel truly feel about the ones who stand in the photograph with us. ...read more.

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