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Analysis of Abstract Art

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Analysis of Abstract Art The picture I have studied is called landscape with trees. The picture has been painted in dull greys and browns and solid black lines. There are lots of sharp angles and the faint outline of houses. The painting has a gloomy atmosphere to it and it looks like a rainy day. ...read more.


and so on. The painting is by Piet Mondrian 1872-1944. Mondrian uses symbolic representation of real objects that give the impression of less detail and depth. The shapes are very indistinct and sort of blur together and seem less prominent than how I think they would look, e.g. The fact that so many of his pictures in his later work were so similar and simplistic gives the impression that he was over doing his initial idea, although his first idea was original if not unique. ...read more.


I expect abstract art to be within certain boundaries, I don't think half a pickled cow or an empty gallery with labels where the paintings should be can be called art. I think abstract should show creativity and original ideas but some artists have just gone a little to far with what you can get away with calling art. Laurence Harris 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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