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Andy Warhol- graz

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Lj-14th December 2009 Semi Sveva Federica, 3 Q On the 12th of December 3mm and 3Q classes went to Graz: this lovely city put up the show of Andy Warhol, in Kunsthaus museum. Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was an American printmaker, film-maker and printer who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. From what I experienced by appreciating his art is that Warhol turned everything into art, including himself or celebrities as Elvis Presley or Merilyn Monroe. ...read more.


Andy Warhol was not the first who discovered it, but he was a good user: in this way he could make more pictures and earn more money. Andy Warhol on the other hand often produced his pictures without doing any work: he got his assistants. Then, after seeing some other pictures, we came to "portrait section". We saw Merilyn Monroe and Elvis Presely' portraits: Warhol took the image from a very well-known newspaper. Because of their media origin, Warhol could rely on the pictures being familiar; moreover the degraded quality of the pictures were an important factor conveying the fact that the source image was taken from media sources. ...read more.


My personal opinion is that Andy Warhol and his art are great: the colour are bright and the picture are neat. Many people just think "I could write the word "Fool" on a canvas as well": of course you could, but it wouldn't have the same meaning, aim. By the way I also appreciate the artist's personality shown through art: for example "The Telephone". From this picture we can know that Warhol was actually a shy person and he rather preferred chatting with friends and familiars on the phone! This show was very interesting! ...read more.

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