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Antony Gormley - Testing a World View

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Antony Gormley - "Testing a World View" The physical features of "Testing a World View" are that it's a sculptural installation made of five identical iron figures bent at right angles. The sculptures are made from a cast made from the artist's body. Gormley would have started by covering himself in mudrock, creating with these bases moulds within sand and finally casting them into iron. As we know the body isn't symmetrical so it would've had to been cut while in the mudrock stage and realigned to create stability. The main posture of the figurines is that they're bending forward at a 90 degrees angle, linking with the absolute laws of geometry. ...read more.


This "communication through the body", is the language of the sculpture and an exploration of human freedom, and seems more important than the actual identity of the sculptures. It is an extraordinary thought which makes this composition seem more exciting to me and anything from outdated. The sculptures invite me closer and make me more aware of my own body and make me want to explore this "unconsciously communication". The main reason why these sculptures work and evoke feelings, is the certain relationship it has with the space in which it is contained. The sculptures seem to compliment the surrounding space in my opinion, in the sense that the sculptures themselves are hollow and contain their own space confined in a solid "cage". ...read more.


There's no need for the artificial light as the windows will let through day light altering the space and bringing in a sense of time within the work. But that confuses me more as to why there are artificial lights next to the windows? Likely to create different effects with the surroundings as day light changes, lighting the left hand section, giving a contrasted feel among the composition. Which is really weird as to how these simple elements can give such a different view to this one piece? Confirming that each person who views this composition receives a different perception of it, and just a close step towards breaking down the boundaries between space and time. Finally, although people will think that these sculptures are everything about this composition but I strongly think that surrounding space itself adds more to the overall composition. ...read more.

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