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Art is the best way of expressing religious ideas

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Art is the best way of expressing religious ideas. Religious ideas such as morality, time, faith and love are difficult to understand, so are portrayed through abstract mediums including art, literature and music. I believe art (painting) is the best way of expressing religious ideas, for two main reasons. First, art's medium is superior for conveying religious concepts to other media. Art harnesses our inbuilt sense of sight. Although other media use similar senses, they require more interpretation: a baby can identify a portrait's images, but cannot read words in a book: art is more accessible. This is useful for religious paintings because most were painted when the majority were uneducated. Art was easy and simple for them to understand, and taught them major religious ideas without their reading religious texts. ...read more.


The techniques employed by artists to display religious ideas are just as important. Colour and religious iconography are utilised to displayed religious concepts. Colour is effective because it is easily distinguishable and there is a universal colour scheme. There are eight main colours, making it an easy system to learn: white signifies purity, innocence and holiness; black suggests death and mourning; grey indicates humility; blue implies importance; green represents life; gold suggests value; red indicates love, anger and passion and purple symbolizes power. Some colours are also used with religious figures, such as blue for the Virgin Mary. Art also promotes religious standing through appearance, in three key areas: colour (see above), clothing and height. Garments are used to indicate someone's religious status. Colour is used, and the style of garment is also important. ...read more.


On the other hand, I appreciate why for some people, art may not be optimal for expressing religious ideas. First, although a universal icon and colour scheme may be useful for some people, it is difficult to interpret without prior knowledge of the scheme. I also accept that for some, art is simply boring, and they would much rather learn about religion through another medium. Despite this, I still think art is an excellent method of expressing religious ideas, because it is an easy-to-view medium and uses a universal icon set that is easy to understand. Regardless of whether one agrees, I still believe one must accept art can teach us all, directly or indirectly, more about religious ideas, as it has taught me throughout this coursework. ...read more.

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