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Art Movements

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Historical Influences The historical backgrounds and artists work have influenced and inspired me with their creativity. My favourite art period is the 19th century. My favourite art movement is cubism with its quirky shapes and bright colours, as I prefer the more modern and contemporary approach to art than the life like paintings of landscapes and everyday people of the art period impressionism. Cubism I feel is very expressive with its broad lines and bright use of colour that compliment each other. My favourite piece is the weeping women in oil. I like how the eyes almost appear startled and are rimmed with thick black eyelashes. The triangular nose and pointed handkerchief I feel really express the utter sadness she is feeling within. ...read more.


Cubism stepped away from traditional art with the use for fine detail, and detailed brushwork and focussed more on the deeper thoughts of the subject in matter. I like this idea for my model in expressing inner meaning, my inner feelings that mean something to me, as this can be interoperated and seen differently from a viewers point. Pop Art is vey comic like with its thickly outlined illustrations and primary colours. Pop art bounced on the scene in the fifties and sixties because there were many changes taking place and people's ideas about art were changing. Pop art seemed to become very fashionable giving everyday objects an artist aspect, Andy Warhol wanted these objects like soup cans, to be seen as a work of art. ...read more.


It was a reaction; development of abstract expressionism in being free to speak out opinion. Pop art did this in a more productive way using mechanical means or rendering techniques that down play the expressive hand of an artist giving everyday object a place in art. Cubism took a meaningful approach in communicating feelings about the war in a moving complex showing feelings of emotion. I like the use for bright colours in both these movements. I am going to use bright colours in my 3D design and using images to portray something about myself as images can sometimes understood more clearly than words. Overall I feel looking at the movements showed me different ways of analysing something in more depth; how the use of colour and something so simple can say a lot about you. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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