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Art Research- Peter Randall Page

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Research- Peter Randall Page 'Geometry is the theme on which nature plays its infinite variations and my current work explores tensions between order and chaos by mapping the surfaces of glacial boulders with patterns derived from mathematical concepts'. Peter Randall-Page Peter Randall Page is a British sculptor who focuses mainly on natural forms. The piece on the right is titled "Womb Tomb". ...read more.


The use of two different masses works well, especially because you can see that they have come from the same original object. You wonder what split this huge boulder in half. I think the proverb, "Don't judge a book by its cover", goes perfectly with this sculpture. This is because the ugly exterior of the boulder has been hewn in two to reveal its beautiful interior. ...read more.


you realise that the sculpture is actually hollow, and the small parts where you can see through it a light feel though it is so huge. The patterns give the sculpture a textural feeling and draw your eye. I like the way they weave in such a seemingly random way. The sculpture has a very magical feel because of its mysterious nature. I would like to be able to capture this feel in my piece. ...read more.

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