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Child development

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Visit 1 Date: July 26th 2007 Age: 2 years 8 months Place: At the child's house Length of visit: 1 hour Aims and planning: In this visit my aim is to look at Naomi's fine motor skills. I will do a painting activity with her and see how good her hand-eye-coordination is. I expect Naomi to be able to hold the paintbrush with a mature pincer grasp and she should have good hand-eye-coordination. I also expect her to be able to firmly hold the paintbrush and draw circles, lines and dots. Observations: At Naomi's house, when I came in she was a bit shy, as she stood beside her mother but she eventually came up to me and said "hello", which was a good start. ...read more.


I was quite surprised as she painted a circle like shape for the faces of the people. I changed the texture of the paint by adding salt it which gave a nice 'gritty' affect to it. I also asked Naomi if she was having fun, she said "yes, its fun" and she then smiled and carried on with her painting. I then got her to do a hand print using the paints she enjoyed that a lot as she got to do loads and fill the whole page. Naomi seemed to enjoy the activity a lot and especially the messy bits. After the activity Naomi told me about her little brother, who is 3 months, and how she loves him and gives him hugs and kisses. ...read more.


I also found out that she is ambidextrous at the moment, as she used her right hand first but then after a little bit she changed to her left hand. She has a good hand-eye-coordination and can with out any difficulties. I actually didn't expect Naomi to be able to draw circles for a face, as she drew a circle on the picture of her and her mother for the faces. Naomi's gross motor skills seem to be alright as when she runs quite well and is very bouncy, she loves to jump around. Intellectually Naomi is fine and probably above normal as she is very intelligent to know that a circle is the same shape as a face. Socially she is very good at as well as she has conversations with you and is not really shy to talk to you. Emotionally she seems ok but can be a bit bossy at times especially to her brothers. ...read more.

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