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Georges Braque and Paul Cézanne Contrasting Essay.

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Georges Braque and Paul C�zanne Contrasting Essay In Paul C�zanne's paintings - 'Still Life with Basket of Apples', that is mainly what is in the painting. A basket on its side half full with apples, a wine bottle standing beside it, apples scattered on the cloth and in the background a plate with what look likes bread rolls or small baguettes, all of which are sitting on what looks like the kitchen table. The apples look like they have just been placed randomly on the table and in the basket and the bottle and bread look as though they have just been placed there to take up space in the painting. When I first looked at this painting the object that caught my eye first was the basket of apples. It is the largest object in the painting and is clustered with apples inside and around the basket. Also because of the name - 'Still Life with Basket of Apples', the main thing I would be expecting to see would be the basket and apples. ...read more.


We can clearly see from the use of warm, lighter and simple colours that he painted 'A Still Life with Baskets of Apples' after his depressive period when he discovered Impressionist painting. C�zanne's technique is very original and prefect in many ways. He handles every single brush stroke and carefully thinks about what colours and textures to give the painting and how to bring the canvas to life. C�zanne has his own incomparable quality that gives his masterpieces the strong continuous development, which gives the painting a unique quality that is outstanding and remarkable in every one of his masterpieces. Georges Braque has a very different style and technique to Paul C�zanne. Even though many artists including Braque had been greatly influenced and advised on how an artist should treat nature and the style and techniques of painting by Paul C�zanne, Braque had taken a new direction into modern art. Braque wanted to search more than what the eye could see. ...read more.


off a joyful atmosphere but a cruel and vigorous atmosphere like in a city no one caring about anything or anyone but themselves. Both paintings are very different and unique. Both painters have their own style and technique, which makes me like them in different ways. I like C�zanne's painting - ' A Still Life with Basket of Apples' as it is very simple, calming and quite relaxing to look at. However Braque's painting is very different his painting - 'A Still Life with Glass and Newspapers' is a busy and quite bold painting. It stands out and even though it is not colourful or bright it is a very interesting painting. When I look at barques painting it reminds me of a picture puzzle. You have to look at the different object sin the painting and try to figure out what each image represents. It's a fun painting even though it does look quite harsh and cruel. If I had to pick a favourite painting I would chose Braque's - ' A Still Life with Glass and Newspapers' ...read more.

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