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I decided to base my project upon flowers.

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I decided to base my project upon flowers. I chose this theme as I am interested in flowers and botanical things. I love all the bold, vibrant colours of flowers and their leaves. Also flowers come in all different shapes and sizes; their structure varies dramatically from flower to flower. I thought that I would be able to look at flowers in detail and produce some interesting artwork. Before I began this project I did dome research into artists who painted flowers. I came across an artist by the name of Georgia O'Keefe. She is very famous for the flower paintings which she did. I was inspired by her work. Georgia O'Keefe usually fills the entire canvas with one or two blooms. ...read more.


Georgia O'Keefe's Poppy Paintings Oriental poppy In this painting O'Keefe has used two poppies to emphasise the depth of the flower in the background. The picture as a whole lacks structure because the background merges with the colour of the poppies. Comparison of 'Oriental Poppy' and 'Poppies' In the painting entitled 'Poppies' there is a contrast between the centre of the flower and the actual petal colours. This emphasises the structural detail of the flower. O'Keefe has used very subtle colours in 'Poppies'. In 'Oriental poppy' the colours are vibrant and bold. In 'Poppies' the reproductive area of the flowers stand out more because of the use of subtle colour. The White Calico Flower This is a very subtle painting using very pale colours. ...read more.


White Flower on Red Earth This painting is of a simply structured flower. The structure has been heightened by the use of colour and yellow spike-like stamens especially where the petals overlap. The edge of each petal has been gradually darkened, the whole object outlined by the deep orange earth and the green leaves. Black and Purple Petunias O'Keefe has produced yet another painting of flowers, but using a completely opposite technique to that of the 'White Flower on Red Earth'. Here she has used lighter colours to emphasise both structure and background. Apple Blossom This is a multifloral work of art where the small flowers in the foreground have darkened slightly on the edges where they overlap flowers in the background. These have slightly blurred where they meet the blue sky. This gives a sense of distance in the picture. ...read more.

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