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Managing IT files for a business

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´╗┐Keeping your files safe Creating and Managing Files As you work at Ibrahim?s Sport Shop you will find there is a lot of administration and computing is essential to keep Ibrahim?s Sport Shop running. Naming files appropriately is important; naming a file ?qjbha? isn?t practical and makes it harder to recognise what the content of that file is. A good file name will have a title relevant to the content of the file so profit 2009-2010 should have the file name ?Profit 2009-2010? and an excel spreadsheet of customer information should be named ?Customer Information Spreadsheet?. ...read more.


in a folder relevant to the file this is important because it will help you and others locate the file very quickly when necessary. Password Protection For more confidential files like customer information and private letters a password should be used for the file. This is important as this will stop unauthorised users from opening and viewing the file, whilst authorised users who know the password can access and open the file. You can also create a password to stop unauthorised users from modifying and editing the file, this is useful when you want to track changes or if you want others to open and view the document but not make any changes. ...read more.


Backing Up Backing up regularly is essential; if files are lost or have been corrupted having a backup ensures the file can be recovered quickly, especially if it is important. Saving files to a removable mass storage device like a USB is good as these devices can be plugged into a PC or Laptop to restore files that have been lost or corrupted on the system. At the end of the day you should remember to back up all the work you have done in the day on a USB or a separate hard drive. ...read more.

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