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Pop art piece. I am extremely satisfied with the way the cake had turned out. The colours are all Tertiary colours as I used bright pink

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For this I had used a card board template and covered it in newspaper, this it took me about 2 days. After completing the template, I had painted the whole cake in 3 coats of white acrylic paint to get rid of the newspaper print. Then final I add the pink and brown paint this took me about 3 days to complete as I also had to wait for the paint to dry. Then I had gone into town to get more white ribbon to finish the cake, I had put the ribbon on each layer of cake this took me about 30 mins to do. ...read more.


I think the pink is very light and smooth witch gives it as vast texture. The brown looks precise to milk chocolate with the rich smooth texture. The colours do contrast with each other as there are dark and light colours they are also Split Complementary Colours. I had also used most of the elements in art as I have used the basic visual symbols found in my work such as lines, shape, form, light, scale, dimension, texture and colour. ...read more.


If I had more time I would recreate the top layer to make it straight and not in an angle. I would also redo some of the repetition on the top and bottom layers to make it neat also to make all the lines identical. I would have also liked to do this with a slice of cake missing to show the inside of the cake. I think I would have also liked it if I could have done this in clay and make it into a pot so each layer could come off and have a lid I think that would have been really skilful and it would look tremendous. ...read more.

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