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Rhythm of Wild Water.

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Rhythm of Wild Water The coral wall detailed in this painting features Fish found mainly in, but not limited to, the Indo-Pacific Oceans. Here, you see white-collar butterfly fish, raccoon butterfly fish and black-backed butterfly fish swimming alongside angelfish, reef goldfish and the emperor snapper. Sea urchins reside quietly while a red grouper; also known as the coral trout, watches from nearby. Eye of the Beholder The artist is fascinated by the flamboyant hues and distinctive design of this particular fish species, called a wrasse. The fish's abstract qualities inspired Stahl to paint a work that functions not only as a lifelike detail, but also as an artistic design. Allowing the fish's natural colors to create a path for the viewer's eye, this piece depicts just an upper portion of the face of the wrasse. Genesis The spark of Nicole's inspiration for Genesis came from the beautiful and intriguing coral reefs, found in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Turks and Caicos Islands. ...read more.


She entered college but soon quit. She later gained self-confidence through her marriage to Lee Eckels, a Ryan Air pilot. She never even picked up a paintbrush until six years ago. Now her original works and prints are sold in galleries. Nicole Suzanne Stahl The works of accomplished artist, Nicole Suzanne Stahl, represent a deep appreciation for life and a passionate curiosity about the intricacies of the living ocean. Through her work, Nicole strives to convey her inspiration and enlightenment over the handiwork of the Designer and Creator of all living things, which is better than any other. Nicole's artistic career began in childhood. As a girl, she loved to spend time experimenting with watercolor painting as well as pencil and chalk drawings. It was evident, at an early age, that Nicole possessed a gift for expressing her heart through her hands. In 1993, Nicole was commissioned to paint a wall mural for a child's playroom. From the moment the paint touched the wall, she knew she had found her passion as an artist. "It was pure fun ... ...read more.


Perhaps it will even trigger, in you, wonder for the One who so thoughtfully designed, and lovingly created, our world," says Stahl. "The earth is teeming with life abundant, and while we are here, we must enjoy it fully and protect it carefully, as those who have been given an invaluable and precious gem." 'I began this semi-abstract painting with a desire to do an abstract. I love mixing complementary colors wet-in-wet. I often will spend whole painting sessions just mixing colors. For the background I set the paper on the floor and dropped masking fluid somewhat randomly. Then I spattered, gold gessoed, salted, waxed, scraped and tilted the paint on the paper. After all that dried I turned the paper on its sides, up-side-down and "found" a right side up. Eventually I saw a lady wearing a beautiful parka doing something. That something was untangling Christmas lights oblivious to everything else around her. Using my daughter as inspiration a carefully added a little girl in a matching parka waiting impatiently to put up the star. The next wonderful challenge was when to quit. As always, hopefully, this is my favorite painting so far.' ...read more.

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