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Roy Lichtenstein

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I think that the picture is comical because I love how the image is cartoon type of image which looks like comic book style drawings. The picture makes me feel amaze because I really like the way used polka dots instead of common plain colours as the skin tone of the image. The picture reminds me of comic style books because I used to collect images in comic books and turned them into collage. I think the artist was aiming to show that anyone can create an image like comic style without using technologies. In this picture, I can see a person which looks animated with polka dot as skin and thick outline on her hair. Another thing I can see is you can see reflection of light across her right cheek and shoulder. ...read more.


I find there is no tone used in the image like the hair, in the skin and the outline of the person's face and hair. I can also see textures and patterns that are quite unique and comic style patterns such as the polka dot skin and the outline of the hair. The patterns used in the images are symmetrical dots to create the more comic-style book image. The materials that can been used to create the piece of art are paint- to colour the image, cotton buds- to create polka dot skin, paintbrush- to create different thickness of the outline of the artwork. The technique for these materials is steady hands to create neat of the paintwork and the symmetrical lines of the polka dots in the face. ...read more.


Now I have looked more closely, I think it's quite interesting to use benday dots as skin because I never thought I could do benday dots as skin tone and before, I never know benday dots. Looking at this artist has shown me you can easily create your own comic-style image without using technologies. The most important part of this work to me is the used of benday dots- you need precise hand to create symmetrical benday dots and it's quite difficult to handle symmetrical dots. The similarities between the two pictures are the used of benday dots and the hair outline are exactly the same. The differences between the two pictures are the expression on the girl's face and there are more items used on the other artwork. The picture I find the most useful is the benday dots because not only it looks cool but save time and paint. ...read more.

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