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'View From My Window' by Camille Pissarro.

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'View From My Window' by Camille Pissarro This painting is a landscape and was painted, by Pissarro, from an upstairs window overlooking his back garden. This picture is mainly about farmland as it has a lady with some hens and some cows in the distance. In the foreground of this picture there is a large shrub at the front, to the right there is a grass area with a more similar shrubs and to the left there is another grass area with a lady surrounded by hens. The middleground is all grass area with several trees and several cows you can just see. The background has all trees - the start of a forest and then a sixth of the picture includes the sky. ...read more.


I think the shapes that have been used are regular eg. the sky is a rectangle , the trees are a rounded rectangle shape and circle shaped. In my opinion most of the shapes are formed and look 3D. The main colour of this painting is green and it's used in all different tones and shades. I think the majority of the colours are in harmony although I would say the red contrasts with the green around it. I'm sure a different approach could have changed the picture eg. with warmer colours it would look more of a sunny picture but with darker colours it would look more of a dull picture. I think the texture of the picture looks rough because the artist has created texture by using dabs of paint to make a shape or an object. ...read more.


The main activity in the picture is the woman collecting eggs. You can tell she's moving as she is bent over ready to pick up more so this creates a sense of movement. Oil paints have been used to paint this picture and Pissarro used dabs of paint to build up and create his objects. I think this picture gives off a feeling of peacefullness yet brightness, and i particularly like it because of this. The weather looks a bit dull and gloomy, like it's going to rain as the sky looks overcast. It looks very cloudy so a storm could possibly be starting. I like this painting because it's very bright and colourful and attracts my attention because of this. It also has a lot of detail and objects in it which makes it interesting to look at. Although the painting is detailed and involves many objects, I think it's a simple painting. ...read more.

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