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What, in your view, is realistic in the paintings by the realist artists? In your answer, refer to at least three different paintings.

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WHAT, IN YOUR VIEW, IS REALISTIC IN THE PAINTINGS BY THE REALIST ARTISTS? IN YOUR ANSWER, REFER TO AT LEAST THREE DIFFERENT PAINTINGS. The Realist movement would have to be dated back to the 17th Century. During which time, painters such as Gustav Courbet and Jean Francois Millet would have been painting the pieces that would change human conception of 'seeing'. Indeed, even today, the paintings of the Realist movement have had an influence on the human way of life, for this is the representation of the time that the western world became much more independent. It is, perhaps, the keystone to learning to develop, as the artists brought about a way of learning to think and see for ourselves. Painters influenced by the realist movement sought to represent the harsh realities of contemporary life with uncompromising frankness. Gustav Courbet is an important artist to look at when studying Realism. Many may see him as the 'father of Realism', which is understandable seeing as how he held the first one-man exhibition titled "Le Realism", exhibiting works in a context that people were not able to relate to. ...read more.


A classic example of another artist greatly inspired by the realist movement would have to be Jean Francois Millet. Millet was strongly left-wing, so his works portrayed people mainly in the context of working. In 'The Sower', Millet shows a picture of a working class man doing the normal, working class, man doing the normal task of scattering the seeds after the harvest. Indeed, as well as hosting a radically different attitude to the choice of the subject matter in the painting, the painting is showing a portrait of a working class man. Previously, portraits were only done for religion or for the praise of a higher class individual. In this sense, Millet seems to be praising the figure in his painting, the working class man. By portraying him as a heroic figure, he creates a similar impact to the work of Courbet by forcing the people to look at what is there, but not noticed, forcing people to look at reality. ...read more.


Indeed, a certain element of guilt was placed into the paintings, as people could relate to them. People could relate to them because they depicted reality. In conclusion, the paintings by realist painters were called so because of the fact that they did depict a whole new subject matter; the reality. Indeed, this reality was displayed by emphasis being placed on the parts of life people tended to ignore. By studying both the works of Gustav Courbet and Jean Francois Millet, two of the greatest realist painters, what has been noticed is that the subject matter in their paintings depicts the scene as you would actually see it. There is no idealistic view of how the selected scene would look, Courbet believed in painting what you saw, this is, indeed, what he portrayed. In result, the picture is able to portray a strong sense of truth. Realism is the attribute of accepting the facts of life and favouring practicality and literal truth. This is indeed what was evident through the paintings of the realists. Farah Qureshi October 2003 Mrs Rowell 1 ...read more.

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