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1. explore the process of recruitment planning

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In this assignment I am working as a chief executive for Boots plc. Boots is a nationwide chain store that accommodates the outlets of the UK's town and city centres and out of town retail parks. Boots are hoping to open a new store in an out of town location within Stoke-on-Trent. High streets are becoming out of fashion and therefore more stores are deciding to open outside of the town just off a motorway for example where parking is available for ease of carrying your purchases to the vehicle. Therefore Boots are going to try and open a small store in a tourist location that wouldn't typically be a first choice for a Boots store, but by trying a new location there is a chance that Boots could reach a new audience and gain new customers. It is going to be my job to arrange the recruitment and selection needed to open the new Boots store in 6 months time. My learning outcomes that I hope to achieve are - 1. explore the process of recruitment planning 2. investigate the selection practice 3. explore recruitment practices and procedures 4. review the impact of recruitment and selection legislation throughout this assignment I will produce a recruitment and selection manual that will not only help Boots recruit their new staff for the new store, but also for any other businesses that are wanting to recruit and want to know how to produce documents such as a job description, person specifications etc. Stages of Planning (Flowchart) It is important that the process of recruiting a new member of staff for the new Boots store is planned correctly. All of the stages need to be done correctly and in the correct order. If the flow chart is followed correctly then by the end of it a new member of staff that is the best possible applicant for the post will be employed. ...read more.


of work - Discover Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent Hours - 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday Salary - �6.75ph subject to annual rise Accountable to - Richard Baker, Executive Director Accountable for - Weekend Staff Responsibilities/duties - Work on Till point, Stack Shelves, Direct a team of workers. Physical position - An office will be provided in the back of the store that will be shared with other managers and will give a space to complete documents. Appraisal arrangements - Appraisals will take place yearly Job summary 1. Direct a small team of weekend workers in a small Boots store 2. Able to work in a team 3. Be technologically trained to be able to work a till and computers. Person Specification A person specification is derived from the job description by translating the job activities into the specific skills and abilities required to perform the job effectively. It is a list of the skills, qualifications and abilities a person will require to successfully perform a particular job. The list will contain essential and desirable characteristics. A person specification may look like this - Essential criteria How tested Desirable criteria How tested Education/ qualification 5 A*-C GCSE A Up to degree level in business management A Experience Business management in any form A Business management in a Boots store or cosmetic store. A Skills/abilities Able to direct a team and be responsible for others. T Be computer literate T Knowledge To understand the running of a retail store I N/A N/A Attributes N/A N/A Able to understand the pharmacy if ever the pharmacy staff are sick or ill T Key A - Attributes I - Interview T - Test *Materials required For the job to be done there are certain materials required. This is most likely to include a computer which is vital in any business. Maybe things such as a personal desk for the person in that job. it could even go as far as uniform but in the case of head office work it wouldn't require a uniform, only formal clothes, but in some cases a clothes allowance is given to employees to pay for these materials. ...read more.


It reads as follows "We're committed to encouraging everyone to contribute in an environment where they feel respected and valued. We constantly monitor the make-up of our workforce in terms of ethnic origin, gender, age and disability. We've been running a series of briefings which help people acknowledge and value the many ways in which we're different. These sessions communicate what harassment and discrimination actually mean, how to recognise them when a colleague is being affected, and how to take action." Ref. www.Boots.com * It is not just the acts that need to be followed to ensure that Boots are being discriminatory or unfair. Boots also need to ensure that the relationship between the candidate and the panel is controlled to make sure that there is no unfair advantage or bias interviewing. For example if the candidate is friends with one of the people on the panel then they could be bias in favour of the candidate. This is the same for things such as being in a relationship with someone on the panel either past or present. It can go against the candidates favour also. If the panel has a grudge against the applicant then they are unlikely to get the job, even if they are the best person they have interviewed, this could lead to an inferior candidate getting the job. Therefore there are rules in place for these eventualities. Boots need to be prepared for things like this to happen and have standby panel interviewers so in the case of a candidate knowing someone on the panel, they could take over and the person originally in the panel not interviewing that one person. Furthermore Boots have to trust the candidates when they investigate and ask them if they know anyone on the panel. It may not always be able to be proved so they need to rely on honesty by both the candidate and the panel to ensure that they comply with ethics and equal opportunities. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Martyn Fox Task 1 Recruitment and Selection ...read more.

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