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‘The marketing philosophy should be instilled throughout the organisation’. Discuss this statement and it’s implications with reference to an organisation of your choice.

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Question 'The marketing philosophy should be instilled throughout the organisation'. Discuss this statement and it's implications with reference to an organisation of your choice. Introduction What Is The Marketing Philosophy Kotler (1994) communicates four business philosophies also referred to as orientations towards the marketplace. Firstly the production philosophy states that consumers will purchase those products, which are available in the greatest quantity and at the least possible cost to them. Secondly the product philosophy states that consumers will prefer goods that are superior to others in quality or features. Thirdly the selling philosophy shifts the emphasis from the product to aggressive selling and promotions. Closing the sale is the goal of the organisation. Fourthly and finally, the marketing philosophy rejects the notion that the most central factor in business philosophy is either the production capability or aggressive sales. Instead, this philosophy focuses on the needs and wants, both present and future, of potential customers. Kotler (1994) offers further clarification: "Selling, focuses on the needs of the seller; marketing on the needs of the buyer". Marketing orientation is more than simply 'getting closer to the consumer'. An organisation can be market orientated only if it completely understands the market. Marketing has two aspects. First, it is a philosophy, an approach, a viewpoint or a management orientation that relates to customer satisfaction. Second, marketing is a set of activities used to implement this philosophy. ...read more.


Firstly by adding financial benefits to the customer partnership. For example, as the internet plays a vital part in the EasyJet business plan, and is critical to it's on going success, EasyJet offers financial incentives for people to book via the internet. This is due to the Internet being the most cost-effective distribution channel and low-cost operations are crucial to EasyJet's ability to offer low fares. The following are some of the incentives offered to customers who book via the Internet: * Passengers booking online receive a discount of �2.50 for each leg of a journey. * If customers wish to book seats more than a month in advance of the departure date of the flight, they can only do so by booking online. This is due to fares generally increasing, as the departure dates get closer. As a result the best fares are firstly available to those who book via the Internet. * EasyJet offers the flexibility on all its fares, unlike many other airlines. For an administration fee of just �10, plus any difference in fare you can alter your flight up until the last moment. All EasyJet promotions are exclusive to the Internet so that customers are required to book online to take advantage of the discounted fares. The second approach is to add social benefits as well as financial benefits to the customer partnership. By researching and identifying customer needs and wants, EasyJet established that there was a segment of the market, mainly business customers who required ...read more.


promotion, price, product and place can be increased further to the 7 P's including process, people and physical evidence. The 7 P's in general represent the sellers' view of the marketing tools available for influencing buyers. Although marketing managers ultimately make decisions about target segments, packaging, pricing, promotion and distributing. People at all levels of the marketing system must work together to implement these marketing plans and strategies. In addition the customer's perception of the quality of services delivered and consumed are mainly affected by the performance of the contact personnel. Competitors Understanding your competitive arena and competitors strengths and weaknesses is a critical component of market orientation. This includes assessing what existing or potential competitors might be intending to do tomorrow as well as what they are doing today. Conclusion In conclusion the implementation of the marketing philosophy within an organisation....benefits...as opposed to..... ensure that...by putting into practice factors such as internal marketing, etc............ Include in conclusion The overall air transport market in Europe is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. The International Air Transportation Association estimates that the number of international scheduled passengers travelling between countries in Europe will grow from 176 million in 1999 to 215 million in 2003, reflecting an average annual growth rate of 5.1% By contrast, the low-fare segment of the market is expected to grow at a significantly higher rate. A report published in January 2000 by Cranfield University estimated that low-cost airlines currently carry 4% of all domestic and international passengers within Europe, a figure expected to increase to 12-15% by 2010. ...read more.

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