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2. investigate the selection practice

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In this part of my assignment I am going to investigate the second learning outcome which is to investigate the selection process for Boots. To do this I will look at things such as the interview process and how it is carried out, who does what and what is looked for in a potential candidate. The Selection process deals with three main areas: the preparation for selection, communication skills, and selection and decision-making. Preparation and Interviews The selection of the right person for the job needs careful planning. Businesses will have different ways of managing interviews. For example once Boots has decided which individuals it wants to interview, it will produce a list of candidates. An interview is the opportunity to ask questions of the applicant and to work out the suitability of the person for the job. It is also the first opportunity that applicants and the organisation have to speak with each other formally. There are numerous ways of interviewing candidates they include - Group interviews - a number of people are interviewed together. This would allow Boots to present information about the job to a number of people at the same time and also allows them to see how people relate to each other. It is the ideal opportunity to do teamwork to see if people will work good together and also a good comparison tool because you can compare the candidates face to face. Individual interviews - This is the most popular and most used tool of interviewing. It allows the company to see one applicant in their own light and see what just they have to offer the organisation. Team/panel interviews - this can also be used to allow the organisation to gain different opinions about an applicant. A panel of experts may be used to ask the candidate different questions related to specialist fields. The number of interviews that are needed must also be planned for, and this will depend on the type of vacancy that is being offered. ...read more.


is essential that the questions are prepared before the interview, especially if it is to be done by a team or panel. It is also essential that it is decided - > Who will be asking what questions > Who will lead and close the interview > How long are the interviews going to take, making sure each one last the same length of time? (30 mins average) Candidates are usually given an outline of the format of the interview, for example how long it will last and the type of questions they will be asked. This allows them to try to do their best. It is important that appropriate and equivalent questions are asked of all candidates so that each person has a fair chance of getting the job. Therefore - > a woman must not be asked about her marital status or whether or not she has children > no one should be asked about sexual orientation > no one should be asked about religious or political beliefs > no one should be asked about his or her social life As well as this documentation being given to the applicant. The interviewing panel also need to ensure that they have the right documentation to enable them to be able to have background information on the candidate. The panel would need things such as - > The job description > The person specification > The job advertisement > Any assessments that the candidates have already completed i.e. personality profiles, aptitude tests etc > CV's > Any references that may have been obtained. Other examples of preparation that needs to be decided includes - > Carefully plan and choose the location, making sure clear directions have been sent out. In this case it will be the Boots Hanley store which is the biggest store in the area. if the applicants get the job they may be trained at this store and then transferred to the new Trentham store. ...read more.


Recommendations to Boots I recommend that Boots have a set procedure for recruitment this procedure will help them follow guidelines and legislation whilst also having an efficient recruitment process. Here is a list of what I recommend the procedure entail for Boots - > Prepare the interviews, think of questions, and produce scoring systems that will allow candidates to be scored on their interview. A scoring matrix based on qualifications and the assessment of experience through the answers received from competency questions will allow for good decisions to be made and for the process to be fair and equally compared. > Gather all of the documentation needed, for example, CV's question papers, candidate's application form, and any recommendation forms that the candidate has handed in. > Prepare tests for the candidates, this can include aptitude tests, ability tests etc. > Ensure that legislation is being correctly followed and that all applicants have equal opportunities. > Interview the candidates either face to face or by group interview, ensuring that a basic template using WASP is followed to give the interview structure. If all of these bullet points are followed then the procedure should run smoothly. It is still important to ensure that all management i.e. Human resources and line managers are constantly aware of every process within the recruitment and selection. They need to be made aware of things such as - > hours of work > responsibilities (these should reflect the job spec) > date of commencement > any training courses that they need to be booked onto These managers can then use this information to pass onto the successful candidates who get the job. All of this information should be sent formally and efficiently using correct communication methods such as e-mail, letters, telephone, memos etc. all processes need to be documented to show equal opportunities has been followed and to also make sure that the whole process is done quickly and professionally. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Martyn Fox Task 2 Recruitment & Selection ...read more.

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