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3g Mobile War 2003 - 2023

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3G MOBILE WAR 2003 - 2023 WHICH 'GENERATION' MOBILE ARE YOU ARMED WITH! 1G 1st generation cell phones. Good old analogue. 2G 2nd generation cell phones. The current type of phone that digitises and compresses sound before sending it out. 2.5G Half way between the 2nd and 3rd generation cell phone. Have some of the features of the future 3G but not the broadband speeds of transmission. The current WAP phones are of this type. 3G The one that we have all been waiting for - 3rd generation mobile phone. The capabilities of phones have been put into broad-spectrum classes that have features (both real and proposed). Digital phones with broadband capabilities. THE BATTLE: WINNERS AND LOSERS! The UK is the first European country to auction off its "3G spectrum". The UK government auctioned off five licences to create the networks and to operate the enhanced mobile phone services. Billions of dollars more than expected for the UK and German governments, were raised, earlier this year. Thirteen bidders had driven up prices well beyond the original estimate of a total auction value of �5bn. The money may not all be forthcoming at once as the licence winners have the option of paying in instalments over the 20-year licence period, with half paid up front. Winning Bids after 150 rounds: Licence A: TIW �4.384bn Licence B: Vodaphone �5.964bn Licence C: BT �4.030bn Licence D: One2One �4.003bn Licence E: Orange �4.095bn Combined value of leading bids: �22.47bn The Prize The next generation of mobile phones will make the wireless Internet a reality for the UK. Phones, watches and other handheld devices will be powerful enough to show video on demand. ...read more.


But the fact is that these 30,000 new masks will need to be installed throughout urban areas and the countryside for 3G to happen and complete it's mission by enabling the transmission of these signals. The building and erection of more mobile phone masts, under all the public pressure is giving cause for grave concern for mobile phone companies, as sites are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Therefore this is affecting the companies that are waiting for the new service to be put into practice in the UK and allow the widespread usage of 3G. Local authorities are also facing protests on similar grounds. Global Mobile Association (GSA), which represents the cell phone industry, is warning of 'rethought time limits' and targets for 3G. GSA if fully aware that finding new sites is becoming more difficult and is hindering the implementation of the product. The government is also facing anger from the GSA as it is ha taken �6.5 billion in revenue for the 3G licences in Britain; whilst leaving the problems of finding mast sites for the licensees. The government seems unresponsive - now that it has its money from the auction. COMPARISONS OF TWO EXISTING BUT DIFFERENT MOBILE PHONES Comparisons are shown for the following 2.5 G mobile phone companies: COMPARISONS FOR: T MOBILE O2 Talk Plan Free time 750 All calls Monthly Charge �13.99 �40 Standard minutes included (Per month) 750 minutes off peak �35 & x-network calls Standard call charges (peak and off peak time) 40p/5p 10p/5p Own mobile network to same mobile network charges (Peak and off peak) 40p/5p 8p Own mobile network to other mobile network call charges (Peak and off peak) ...read more.


My conclusion is that I perceive that the 3G operators are going to have to come up with some extremely convincing marketing strategies in order to persuade the future mobile phone consumer. THE CONSUMER & THE CONCLUSION It is predicted that the average revenue per user from mobile Internet services will be 106 euros a year in 2005. Some analysts agree, saying many mobile phones are now in the hands of people, such as children, who will not use the phones enough to justify the companies continuing to subsidise the price of the handsets. However, a survey conducted by Siemens Ireland suggests that Irish mobile phone users would be prepared to pay as much as 63% more for 3G services including high-speed internet connections. This might indicate a brighter future for the revenue streams of operators offering 3G services than has previously been widely assumed. There are also varying opinions on the implications for consumers. Consumer take-up may be slow, with the consumer market for replacement phones generally seen as a product of fashion, not technology. Although some argue that providing users with a wide mix of services creates a more desirable product. But the companies have some way to go convince potential users that there are enough attractive and accessible services available to make it worth buying. Some analysts said that fresh competition in the market would keep prices low and new 'exotic' services would soon emerge offering consumers more choice. But consumer groups sounded a note of warning, saying that the high cost of the licences would inevitably be passed on to the consumers. How much network operators charge for the services will determine demand. Also the argument goes that the mobile operators wouldn't have paid hand over fist for the licences, if they hadn't been sure of their future revenue. ...read more.

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