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4. Evaluate the type of growth strategy that the hotel should take, giving specific examples of

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4. Evaluate the type of growth strategy that the hotel should take, giving specific examples of growth options to enhance the service package. Companies expand due to the increase of the demand, the pressure of potential markets and the need to protect the service concept with barriers of entry. One way to grow as a company is the Focused Service, which consists in offering a unique and new service, in a single location. ...read more.


In the case of Lewis Partnership this method is not really totally applicable, because the Lewis Partnership has a competitive advantage in the region but not a unique and new service. Nevertheless we can use the competitive advantage in this Focused Service method. Companies can also use Franchising to expand. Franchising is defined by the International Franchise Association as: "a system by which a firm(i.e., the franchiser) ...read more.


You also get responsibilities for all normal operating activities: hiring employees, making daily decisions and determining local advertising.13 This way of growing is not yet applicable to the Lewis Partnership, they have to grow and get more stable and attractive as company. 11 6 Fitzsimmons+Fitzsimmons, 2001. Service Management, Operation Strategy and Technology Strategy. McGraw Hill, p.603 12 idem, p.605 13 idem ...read more.

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