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4. Examine the nature of key management skills

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The learning outcome that I will investigate in this report is to demonstrate the role of a managers interpersonal and communications skills. Interpersonal skills are those skills that are used as a basis in part of everyday life where people interact with each other. To be precise, interpersonal skills are related to communication skills but are more specific about an individual's behavior and include co-operating, sharing, listening, participating, leadership and negotiation. Individuals with good interpersonal skills are easy to be around. They bond with other people naturally, seem to know the right things to say in different situations and make communication in general an easy procedure. Communication skills on the other hand, are the skills in which people communicate through listening, talking, reading and writing. Listening is the first thing that a person learns to do so listening is extremely important to successful managing as not listening could lead to misinterpretation of instructions. Here are some examples of the different skills that would be beneficial for a Boots manager to have Interpersonal skills Co-operation - this is when two or more people work together jointly to do something. A Boots manager with good co-operation skills is vital. They need to be able to work with a team but have the superior knowledge to direct that team. An example of co-operation within Boots can be - Boots employees need to co-operate with their manager to ensure that there is a cohesive approach between managers and their staff. They would co-operate on things such as working hours, tasks to be completed etc. Negotiation - negotiation is a discussion between a group of people to produce an agreement, negotiation is crucial. If a Boots manager wants to prove their interpersonal skills then they should be able to negotiate with employees, suppliers, and customers etc. to ensure the business runs effectively. Negotiation between managers and employees at a Boots store would likely include things such as working hours and any time off such as holidays that is needed. ...read more.


can remedy the problem to ensure that the employee doesn't get worse and even quit because of the problem that they might have. Presentational skills - Having the ability to stand in front of a group of people and give information is a good skill for a manager to have. Boots have regular staff meetings and presentations that keep the staff up to date on the current affairs to do with Boots. A good manager should be able to successfully present something like this and make it interesting and informative. A Boots manager may use their presentational skills by using a presentation to inform all employees in on hit of the changes that are being made to the way that customer orders are dealt with. If the managers skills are up to scratch then all of the employees in the room should understand the new system. Mirroring - this is where the manager follows the body language of the employee and adapts to his/her tone of voice and posture, whether it be in interviews or meetings. By doing this the employee is more likely to feel relaxed, accepted and more willing to listen to what the manager has to say. Boots encourage all of there staff to adapt this technique when they are working. For example if someone is leaning down to show the staff something then the staff member should also lean down to their level. This is to ensure that there is no feeling of superiority in terms of the staff member being above them and to relax the customer and show that the employee is interested in their question or query. Being assertive in listening and speaking will mean that your intentions are clear to others and you understand others clearly and correctly. Accepting criticism from other people in the business must be received positively and not taken to heart otherwise this may cause outside conflict. ...read more.


because the task isn't completed correctly/ Ways to improve > I should try and apply more negotiation skills when I do not get what I want, instead of not settling for anything less I should try and negotiate a mutual ground. For example if I ask a member of staff to work extra time I should try and negotiate a slightly later starting time if they couldn't work from the first time that I had stated. > Try and improve my summarising skills to cut down on the size of the reports I have to complete on my Boots store. Communication Skills Strengths > I am computer literate which enables me to make the most of modern ways of communicating. > I use appropriate words when I am speaking to different people, when I speak to my friends and family I speak informally and when I speak to my staff I speak formally. > I not only speak English but have a grade C GCSE in French and I am aware of most of the basic language. I also have a moderate understanding of German. These languages help break communication barriers at work if I sometimes need to speak to other nationalities in cases of international Boots meetings. Weaknesses > I have a bad tendency of using long words and thinking that all of my staff will understand them. > My hand writing is fairly messy which is bad as people on many occasions have said to me that they cannot translate what I am trying to say, even though I perfectly understand it. Ways to Improve > I could practice my hand-writing skills so that people can understand what I am trying to write, this will improve communication at work especially where I have to place numerous customer orders. > I could also try and shorten the amount of words that I use when I am required to complete business reports. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Martyn Fox Task 4 Business & Management ...read more.

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