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A clear explanation of how the production process and quality assurance/control system employed by the business help it to add value to its product or service

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E6 - A clear explanation of how the production process and quality assurance/control system employed by the business help it to add value to its product or service Argos Argos is a business that provides a service because it does not actually manufacture the goods it sells. Argos buys in the products from suppliers, and aims to give excellent customer service and variety. There are three stages of adding value through quality, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management Quality Control This is where there is a monitoring system for the products. This process happens at the end of the production process and the products are checked to make sure they meet the right standards and requirements. This process is carried out by quality inspectors who are trained to look for circumstances where the product does not meet the set quality criteria. ...read more.


This is one of the key factors in determining the success of Argos, because it creates a good shopping experience and makes the customer return. Argos combines good customer service with low prices, their customer service makes the customer feel valued, whilst the cheap prices increase sales and profit. Argos has also integrated their customer services into the local environment by having stores easily accessible, a figure from the Argos website shows that 95% of people in GB lives within 10 miles of an Argos store. Argos also puts Customer Service at the most priority, by having a dedicated call centre, where all calls are received at one main switch board, and then are distributed across many agents. To make this system more effective, they do not take orders, so the sole purpose is for customer service. ...read more.


This can put great pressure on the market researchers, so they must ensure the quality is high first time around. Quality Control standards on staff When a person is employed at Argos, there is a more experienced member of staff who mentors them to ensure that they are doing everything correctly. There are also regular small tutorials between the manager and the employee within each store, just to check how the staff member is doing, and what methods they use whilst working. Training the staff at Argos is a very important task that much time is taken over making sure the staff are trained to the right standards, their progress is reviewed in the tutorials. All of the above ensure that the highest of standards are kept so when customers shop at Argos, whether it be through the catalogue, from the Internet, or in a store, they are happy with their purchases and leave with good customer service. ...read more.

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