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A comparative evaluation of the management functions & skills used in CS & City Shoes.

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A Comparative Evaluation of the Management Functions & Skills used in CS & City Shoes In my task 2, 4 and 5, I have made some comparison between city shoes and CS with regard to the management functions and skills used in both businesses. Generally, city shoes use a more autocratic style of management, whereas CS uses a democratic approach to their management style. However different situations in the businesses do occur, which can change both companies' management styles according to the situation. For example, if a quick decision needs to be made by both managers, then they will use an autocratic approach so that the situation can be handled efficiently and quickly. If the managers (especially the CS managers who tend to use a democratic style) uses a democratic approach to a quick decision situation, the businesses can miss an opportunity, make a problem even more to worsen or make the businesses inefficient. This can affect the businesses achieving their objectives and it also shows that different situations can change the styles of management that is used in CS and city shoes. When both businesses are planning as a function for their company, they both use similar skills to make their planning effective and efficient. ...read more.


the public demanded more healthier products). Also city shoes needs to innovate to survive in the market and remain competitive so that they are able to achieve their objectives, whereas CS have many present products to survive with because of the popularity e.g. if CS produce a range of chocolates and the launch of the products were unsuccessful, they wouldn't be hugely affected by it because they have products, such as Dairy Milk to fall onto whereas city shoes don't. Motivation and developing staff is very important for both businesses because this function can help them to achieve the company's objectives. As I said before, city shoes generally uses an autocratic style of management to motivate their employees because the company director thinks differently towards his employees (he thinks the employees are lazy and are only committed to do work due to money), especially the lower level of management and the workers. Whereas CS uses a more democratic management style because the top level of management (the top level of managers think that employees are committed to do work and achieve the company goals) need input and discuss things with each other. ...read more.


This is done again done by promotion so that it will attract consumers to the product that CS are promoting and it will increase sales for the product, whereas city shoes have sales managers who are the employees that city shoes depend on heavily to generate profits. The sales employees have to attend to many exhibitions, take many phone calls from customers who make orders and phone potential customers who buy large amounts of shoes and persuade them to buy the products. This requires the sales employees to have good communication skills because they will be verbally talking to a lot of customers who buy goods of them. It also requires them to have good technical skills because they need to know about the shoes so that they can answer any questions that the customers give. But most importantly the sales employees need to have good interaction skills with the customers because having a good bond with the customers will mean that they are happy with the service and will do regular business with city shoes, which will help them to generate profits. CS will use fewer skills on a particular employee because they don't heavily depend on one or two employees to generate profits. Instead the top level management delegate their work through effective employees who will ensure profits fir CS. ...read more.

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