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A detailed job description for a bar waiter

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P3/M2 Unit 4: People in Organisations Red Group10A/Eb1 Asid Ashraf 10L JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Food and Beverage Service Personnel Department/Grade: Food Beverage Department £5.93 per hour Reporting to: Restaurant Manager Responsible for: None Applicable. (N/A) Overall purpose of the job: To provide superior guest service and maximize revenue. To help build business and develop repeat diners, especially from the local community and making the restaurant/bar a first choice for a dining experience in the local area. Also to ensure facilities are maintained to the standard required. ...read more.


This is essential because it will help the employer to know what you?re doing properly and when it come to do doing the actual work you will be doing it correctly. 4. To constantly improve product knowledge to maximize revenue and the service provided. 5. To be part of a team environment this promotes good employee confidence and pride in the department and the hotel. 6. To communicate with all team members by attending regular briefing sessions and hotel meetings when required 7. ...read more.


To be proactive and maintain effective relationship with key community contacts 12. To ensure that all cutlery is provided on the table as well as the menu. ] 13. To be efficient and polite when dealing with customer requests. 14. To be quick when clearing items away. 15. To clean the table and relay the table for the next customers. Working conditions/Location of the job: Typically based in Marlow. Travel may be required. Flexible approach to the hours you are required to work. Typically 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday. May have overtime during the weekend. Date of preparation: 25 September 2012 Mrs Watterston Edexcel Business BTEC Level 2 2010/2011 ...read more.

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