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A detailed person specification for a job.

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P3/M2 Unit 4: People In Organisations Red Group 10A/Eb1 Asid Ashraf 10L P3 / M2 (Person Specification) Scenario: You are working as an assistant to a Management Consultant. I have been asked to prepare materials for a job role that is to be advertised shortly. She has asked me to practice preparing the relevant documentation by researching a position which would interest me. Requirements of P3/M2: To produce a detailed and relevant person specification. JOB TITLE: Food and Beverage Assistant ESSENTIAL: DESIRABLE: PHYSICAL MAKE UP; Standards of general physical health & fitness required. Vision, hearing, the extent to which first impressions are important Must be dressed smartly in the uniform provided. ...read more.


How quickly will they have to understand new concept? 1. The ability to understand the work once they are shown the first time. 2. To be able to recognise when tasks need to be done and to use initiative N/A SPECIAL APTITUDES; Communication, numeracy, working with others, social skills, other skills or aptitudes? 1. It is important to be good communicators. This mainly because when you?re talking to customers you will need to be able to speak clearly and not lack verbal communication skills and when taking orders down they should be done effectively and correctly. 2. Must be numerate. This is essential because when dealing with money you need be quick when exchanging it in and out. ...read more.


Interested in travelling. You can be prepared to go other branches/outlets. DISPOSITION; Reliability, acceptability to others, maturity, leadership skills, personality Need to be approachable, friendly, confident and knowledgeable. This essential because when communicating to the general public you need these skill. They need to be reliable. You have to ensure you?re on time. Excellent Time-keeping is essential. Arriving late will give a negative impression to the employer. Also employers want to see if you?re trustworthy in the company environment Be willing to learn and develop leadership skills for the future. CIRCUMSTANCES; Flexibility (hours of work) Travelling required Shift Working Flexible working over a 7 day period. Therefore weekend work is required because they might need someone to do extra hours. N/A REMEMBER PERSON SPECIFICATIONS MUST NOT BE UNFAIRLY DISCRIMINATORY. ALL REQUIREMENTS INDICATED IN THE PERSON SPECIFICATION MUST BE RELEVANT TO THE JOB Mrs Watterston Edexcel Business BTEC Level 2 2010/2011 ...read more.

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