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A grievance interview in my experience

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A grievance interview in my experience A grievance interview in my experience 1. Purpose As Cornelius (1999) said, grievances are raised when there are issues about which any employee feels dissatisfied. Therefore, the purpose of the grievance interview is to hear the grievable claims of employees, and to settle or redress the claims fairly by methods acceptable to all parties. At the grievance interview, the purpose for the chairperson is to listen to the grievance as presented by the employee or his/her representative, with a view to resolving it. For the grievable employee, the purpose of the meeting is to reach an equitable decision so that removing causes of the dissatisfaction. In my personal experience, I attended a grievance interview as a grievant when I worked in Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd (Sifang) in 2001 because of too great a workload. Before the event happened, my position had been a project manager and my duty had been that keeping all project members on track and make sure communication was taking place on all levels and to understand the projects and develop a workable solution. In 2001, Sifang approached an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and my responsibility was added by using the ERP system to ensure the proper direction of the project at all times, and interpret all types of user requests and translate them into necessary project goals. ...read more.


Ten days later, the resolution appeared. The head office rejected to reduce my workload. The reason was there were no enough work forces to share my job, but they promised the workload would be reduced if the company recruited new members. However, my salary was increased as a motivation then. 4. Review As Westin and Feliu (1988) said "building employee representation into the appeal stage of the procedure is being viewed by organizations as essential to the trust and legitimacy of employee grievance programs." In the view of my case, an effective, honest and open communication went well and there was no question that they were treating the case seriously, and on some points of substance I thought they already agreed with me. When I mentioned the working effectiveness was more important than the great workload, the manager showed he was considering and basically agreed my opinion. However, the manager did not make an arbitrary decision but he considered to discuss with the head office. And the head office did not convey the outcome to me in writing outlining which was the basis of the decision reached and any action that might involved. In fact, I only received an oral response. ...read more.


7. Plans In order to improve my knowledge, skills and self-management in the future, I need to do some specific works on the above points. Firstly, understand what the exactly the definition of grievance is, because all grievances can be shown as complains but not all complains are grievances; understand what the company's grievances policy is, and what the basic steps of the grievance procedure are. Secondly, in grievance interview, I need to improve the interpersonal communication. As I described the actions I had made during the grievance interview, my communication skill was not perfect and had to improve. The following aspects are how to improve the skill by myself. * Before every interview, select and use language appropriate to the situation. * Develop skills for accepting self and others through awareness of different, lifestyles and attitudes. * Develop positive social skills to interact with others. * Make opportunity to practice the skill for an effective resolution. Finally, I need to enhance my self-management. * I need to recognise and build up on my personal strengths. * Also recognise my personal likes and dislikes. * Accept all criticisms and respond constructively. * Demonstrate steps to deal with stress and conflict. * Develop and implement a personal growth plan that includes short- and long-term goals to enhance development (especially on the grievance interview topic). ...read more.

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