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A life in the Day Of....

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A life in the Day Of On a typical day I come back into the world at about seven thirty but I don't move I just lie there wishing that I could go back to sleep. At about twenty to eight I crawl out of bed and stumble about in the bright light and put on a cd (usually punk or rock, I cant stand pop)in an attempt to wake my self up, then I stumble over to my sink and stick my head in cold water then I am awake. After I get ready for school I go down stairs and put on the BBC breakfast show (I like to know the weather) ...read more.


Once the bells gone we all start to walk slowly to registration. I walk in to my tutor room usually late (but then everyone is) and we all sit and chat while my tutor takes the register, then we go to first lesson. Between lessons one and two we get a twenty minute break which I feel is too short, any ways during this break I normally go on the field or behind the sports hall and play football or cricket. After break I go back to another two hours of lessons. At lunchtime I go and play football on the Astroturf, you may have noticed that although I do not particularly like football it seems to be a sport that I play regularly this is for the simple reason that there is nothing else to do at school. ...read more.


Once I'm out of school I stand and chat for a while before starting my walk home, sometimes I walk with a mate but more often than not I walk alone. My twenty minuet walk home is possibly the most boring part of my day as I walk the same way every day and it gets very dull. I normally get home at about quarter to four (I'm the first one home) when I get home the first thing I do is get changed out of my school clothes then I watch TV for a while or listen to some music. I do my home work in the early evening before my tea after tea I go out and see my mates and I normally end up at Laura's house and we just sit and chat. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Matt Wright ...read more.

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