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A report on advising Crusty Bakeries of their discipline, grievance and redundancy procedures.

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HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANTS A report on advising Crusty Bakeries of their Discipline, Grievance and Redundancy Procedures. 1.0 Terms of Reference I was requested to submit a report comparing and evaluating Crusty Bakeries Discipline, Grievance and Redundancy procedures against that of Industry Standards by Ms G.More, an experienced consultant. The purpose of this report is to advise our client Crusty Bakeries on how they should deal with the problems above. 2.0 Procedures To carry out this report I needed to research: 2.1 Discipline, Grievances & Redundancy. 2.2 Investigate several trade unions - Labour Relations Agency, GMB, ATGWU. 2.3 Investigate similar organisations - Mothers Pride Bakery. 2.4 Compare Information against other sources - Internet. (2.1) 3.0 Findings 3.1: When studying Crusty Bakeries case study, I noticed that the staff seemed to be unsure about the company's Discipline and Grievance procedure. Statements from staff such as: 'They had had to be reminded through a note in their wage slip' 'Were unsure if suspension without pay could be used by management' 'The memorandum issued did not refer to any appeals procedures' 'No-one remembered when the last disciplinary process was invoked' Tells me that management did not inform staff on the proper procedures. However, it does state that 'The Personnel Manager briefed Supervisors of the company's discipline and grievance procedure last year, stating that supervisors could issue verbal warnings. This is to be found valid, according to GMB and the supervisor should also point out the employees shortcomings and set a review period. ...read more.


If the bakers did consume alcohol, this would be considered as gross misconduct, which could lead to summary dismissal. As we do not have the facts, their bad time keeping by half an hour and also being a repetition of a similar offence, would result in being given a written warning, which is kept on file for 4 months. GMB 3.3 Poor Quality The bakers continued by not adhering to the baking mix ratios, which is extremely important for Crusty Bakeries. This type of behaviour falls under serious misconduct (persistent lack of interest, work effort or poor quality). At this stage, the bakers are facing dismissal. They can, be suspended with pay while the matter is being investigated. GMB 3.4 Safety Regulations Finally, regulation white coats and hats were not being worn the week by the bakers and because they ignored safety rules, it is considered as a major offence, which from all the other offences gathered, would lead to an indefinite dismissal. GMB In all cases, Crusty Bakeries need to give the bakers the opportunity to have a personal hearing and to establish the facts promptly. Where disciplinary action is taken, it should be explained clearly to the employee and written records of action taken, should be kept. It should be emphasised that unless there is a specific reference to suspension without pay in the contract of employment, employers should avoid the use of this particular action either as 'cooling off' period or as a penalty. ...read more.


Mothers Pride Bakeries also decided to enhance these payments for their employees, which was an additional payment of �500 and full pay was given in lieu of notice. Mothers Pride Bakery offered their employees the opportunity of continuing their employment with the company, although it meant the employees moving to Belfast. One operator did take this position, however within a couple of weeks, decided that it was not suitable. Mothers Pride Bakery informed the Department of Higher & Further Education and the Training & Employment Agency of their proposed redundancies. Employees who had worked more than 2 years for the company were also allowed time off with pay, during working hours, to look for another job or to make, arrangements for training. Mr Billy Conduit ATGWU Regional Industrial Organiser (Mothers Pride Representative) 4.0 Conclusion Crusty Bakeries would benefit from using the same approach as Mothers Pride Bakery, as the organisations are similar. Collective bargaining should always be used, however giving the Bakers and Clerical workers the opportunity to continue employment, as machine operators would not be viable. This would mean a large cut in wages, which they are not used to and because they are already trained in their profession. Crusty Bakeries have no alternative but to dismiss the employees. 5.0 Recommendations I recommend that Crusty Bakeries use the same method as Mothers Pride Bakery, by informing the DHFETE of their situation and offer the employees time off with pay to look for another job. Appendix * Crusty Bakeries case study. * Disciplinary procedures handout by LRA. * Grievances procedures handout by LRA. * Redundancy handout by LRA. ...read more.

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