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A report, that informs on a medium-size or large business - Somerfield.

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business at work Somerfield Introduction As part of my AVCE business course, I have been asked by Mr Bains, to do a report, that informs him on a medium-size or large business. My report is on Somerfield, which is a medium-sized business, and completing the 8 tasks given to find out about the business will help me to finish this report. Somerfield was opened by a small family in Bristol as a small grocery store. J H Mills opened this grocery store, and by the year 1900, the company had become a limited company with 12 stores. In 1950, J H Mills Ltd was turned into Gateway, when a Bristol finance house, Tyndall, became the major shareholder. The 14 J H Mills shops were then converted to become self-service type supermarkets. The name 'Gateway' was chosen because Bristol is the 'gateway to the West Country'. Once the company was taken over by different companies, the business started to expand and had more stores around, because of series of mergers. Because of this by 1990, launch of the first Somerfield store happened, with the first Somerfield own-label products being launched with it. Later on in the nineties, Somerfield plc became independent of Isosceles and was floated on the Stock Exchange in August. Somerfield's focus is on its key strength as the UK's biggest neighbourhood supermarket offering easy to shop convenience in its smaller high street stores with a focus on its fresh food offer, modern ready meals and a quality range of wines. Somerfield is a high street retailer offering high quality groceries - with a particular emphasis on fresh foods. Its supermarkets offer a modern retail environment with the latest in-store facilities and a comprehensive range of products in convenient neighbourhood locations. Task 2 (A) A mission statement is a written statement setting out the aim of a business, the following statement is Somerfields mission statement. ...read more.


Training & Development: This is to do with training staff and developing their skills, so that they can do the job the company requires them to do. Human Resources: This deals with complaints made by employees, and customers, who is to with unfair treatment, or customers being treated in the wrong way. Store Services: This department deals with, ordering stock, delivering, and making sure that all stores get what they want. Staff Services: This is to do with providing the staff with uniforms, and other things such as utilities for the canteen, staff newspapers etc... To help the company to achieve its objectives, all the departments need to be working together. The administration department helps to keep the company and the staff aware with the latest news and notices of the company. The finance departments helps the whole company and shareholders updated, with the companies financial position, and other information such as how much market share has increased or decreased since last year, and how much profit or loss was made overall in the year. This allows loyal customers and also staff to be aware of the companies position. The Visual merchandise department helps the company, to produce special designs and display for different kinds of products, for when they are on promotional offers and need to be noticed. This helps achieve objectives of the company by using grass-root knowledge. Training & Development and the staff services department is also helping achieve its objectives by looking after the employees, and training them to be good skilled workers. Also in the store services department, it is helping achieve the company's objectives, by keeping the store in good standards, which is keeping the customers happy, This is also related to what Mohammed Zahid (Duty manager of Somerfield store) said about the expectations of the customers. Task 5 (A) There are four different types of management styles I have looked in to, which are known as autocratic, democratic, paternalistic and team-based. ...read more.


If they are properly managed they will encourage and motivate the work team to take pride in its work and accept responsibility for output. This will help to give employee satisfaction, and produce a better workforce. Task 8 The culture, structure and management style help Somerfield to stand out and successfully run the business. This helps Somerfield sell high quality products by using different promotional methods, or selling own brand products, which are cheaper than other brands. Somerfield have freshly cooked products, like bread at least twice daily, also inside Somerfield there are rented places such as the fruit & Vegetable section and the meat & poultry section. This also helps to attract customers to come into Somerfield for shopping. The structure, culture and style are all interconnected is some ways; mostly to do with meeting the objectives of the company. One of the objectives are to do with providing good quality products, if good quality products are not produced, this would be because the style of the company is not working, which ends up causing problems with the structure and culture of the business. If the management style is not good, this will affect the employees which will cause the workforce to drop cause the employees would not feel motivated. The manager needs to able to, plan, organize, direct and control the business for it in able to run well. Business culture helps the company in different ways, for example Somerfield are trying to raise money for meningitis, this gives a good image for the company, because they are helping a needy cause, which attracts customers in a good way because of the image the company is showing. The structure of business helps the company to work well in a team, so that decisions can be made easily and it would help the company to stay in a good working environment. This would be useful and help to create the company to provide better services and products, which then will lead to good customer satisfaction. ...read more.

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