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A study of Asda's personnel performance indicators.

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Nicholas Dobson Candidate Number: 6537 Kirkbie Kendal School Center Number: 42329 A study of Asda's Personnel Performance Indicators Contents Page Page No's Title 2 Contents Page (this Page) 3 Methodology 4 Introduction 5-7 Performance Indicators Theory 8 Analysis of graphs 9 Analysis of exit interview data 10 Analysis of company benefits 11-12 Absenteeism 13-14 The Main Report 16 Bibliography 17 Bibliography- Acknowledgement from Asda Appendix 1 All About Asda Appendix 2 Interview with Alison Treptow Appendix 3 Vicious circles (part of the interview) Appendix 4 The questions I asked Alison Appendix 5 The answers she gave to these questions Appendix 6 Absence Report Appendix 7 Graph of absence Appendix 8 Use of formulas Appendix 9 A blank Return To Work Interview Appendix 10 Labour turnover Report Appendix 11 Graph of Labour Turnover Appendix 12 Use of formulas Appendix 13 A blank exit interview Appendix 14 Exit Interview Data Appendix 15 Company Benefits Appendix 16 Asda Colleague Benefits booklet Appendix 17 Other company benefits Appendix 18 Employee motivation questionnaire Appendix 19 Answers to the employee motivation questionnaire Appendix 20 We Are Listening My investigation is an analysis of Asda's personnel indicators including absenteeism and labour turnover. This investigation will consider the factors that can influence these issues and any improvements that can be made to improve performance. I will consider: * A brief explanation of the company; * Jobs undertaken and rationale for the performance measured; * The methods used and why; * The meaning of the data; * The trends shown by the data; * Conclusions drawn; * Why these trends may have occurred; * How they could be improved. Therefore my key objectives are: * To identify problems; * To research causes of these problems; * To suggest solutions and make recommendations. Introduction For this course work I am going to be looking at Asda's personnel indicators, from this I hope to increase the efficiency therefore assisting the company to meet its long term goal to become Britain's number one supermarket by being as fully staffed as much of the time as possible. ...read more.


If it cannot be resolved on this occasion Asda may be able to change the people policies to ensure it does not continue leading to a lower labour turnover. Appendix 13 is a blank copy of an exit interview form. I have used this as part of my investigation to show how Asda tries to reduce labour turnover and retain valuable colleagues. This data (appendix 14) shows me that most people who left the company did so between one and two years service and aged between 16 and 50. Over half the colleagues that left worked between 6am and 6pm and there is no pattern between the number of hours that colleagues worked. Many colleagues did enjoy good relations with their colleagues but the data for those that didn't should be of concern to Asda as there are so many that did not enjoy good relations with their colleagues. Many colleagues thought that their department managers were friendly and approachable as were other managers in store. Training is one area that could be improved with 12% of colleagues unsure if they received adequate training and a further 1% disagreeing but not leaving for this reason and 5% leaving because they did not received adequate training. All colleagues were happy with the number of hours they worked and most were happy with the days and times of the day they were working. Pay and benefits are areas that need to be improved as colleagues agreeing that they were happy with the pay and benefits was below 80%. Many colleagues would have been honest with the exit interview as they were leaving the company, but some may have been dishonest because of the person taking the interview or just generally the comments been traced back to them. Company benefits- analysis Asda colleagues can expect a pay rise every 12 months if the company hits its profit targets, this is an incentive for colleagues to work harder in order to make more sales, hence, more profit. ...read more.


if the vacancy is 5pm to 9.30pm but the colleague only wants to work until 8pm, this should be allowed). Once placed in their department, they should receive the initial training, but this training should not stop here but continue for the rest of their employment with the company. By doing all this Asda will get the Right Person in the Right Position at the Right Time with the Right Skills (RP, RP, RT, RS). The colleague will remain in the company doing their job correctly, so will be motivated and will stay and develop with the company. Their colleagues will also be motivated as there will be someone else to share the work load with, therefore they will be more motivated and they will stay and develop more. Conclusion Absence and labour turnover is always going to be a problem for companies such as Asda and especially for stores such as Kendal that operate in areas with extremely low unemployment. In the latest 'We Are Listening Survey' (appendix 20) many colleagues said that although they went to work for the money, its was the sense of team work and belonging that made them want to stay with Asda. Maybe Asda could use this information to aim a recruitment campaign at certain sectors of society (e.g. people aged between 40 and 65 who often look for jobs that will last them to retirement, but still make them feel part of the team). This section of society have proven to be the most reliable when it comes to work (Source: The Food Retailer Magazine) and although Asda are not allowed an official policy, they may favour applications from people of this generation. By getting loyal reliable colleagues to begin with, these colleagues are unlikely to leave and add to the labour turnover figures, or be regularly absent and add to the absenteeism figure. As for the Kendal store, Absenteeism is on target but labour turnover needs to be cut by 50% in order to meet company targets of 20% total labour turnover, and get the greatest efficiency out of the store. ...read more.

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