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A summary of personnel and Human Resource management [P/HRM] from 1900-2000

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Task one: A A summary of personnel and Human Resource management [P/HRM] from 1900-2000 HRM indeed is not a new concept however through PM it developed in towards an implemented method of theory. History can be traced back towards the days of Sir Titus Salt and Mr Rowntree, well praised figures of the activists of HRM whom practised the theory and also and turn reaped rewards as a result of this during the industrial revolution. ...read more.


Trevor Bolton , p79, Bolton]". PM was gradually being thrown out the window, HRM however was now being recognised as the better alternative. 1911 was the introduction of The NHS Act making provisions for the colleague in times of illness where as human resource was now effectively being seen as "..exploitation of the workforce [HRM, (2nd edition) Morris and Wood, p55, Morris]" and not an all round scorer. A new breed of "..educated and healthy.." ...read more.


The 1940-50's were now able to grasp this of staff management services, which were being introduced along with training contracts and industrial relations. The 1960-70's were the era in which emergence of there concept are mainly in place today but with less complexity. It was during this period that there was the introduction of more sophisticated working practices. Along with this is now more emphasis on recruitment selection interviews. Performance test and assessment mechanisms are more widely accepted as being essential within the structure in resourceful management. All thoughts, practises and theories have been embrace accordingly to what is Human Resource Management practised today. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Imran Iqbal ...read more.

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