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A Typical manager's position at Elsevier would consist of overall management of their team and their customers, to meet the needs of groups and individuals within the team and to ensure that all employees are happy

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Applied Business- Unit 2, People in Business AO1. Elsevier. A Typical manager's position at Elsevier would consist of overall management of their team and their customers, to meet the needs of groups and individuals within the team and to ensure that all employees are happy in their jobs and are well motivated to do their work. Managers also have a lot of responsibility over their team and to make sure all tasks and the jobs that need doing, are done to a high standard. Staff management have to lead by example and encourage their employees to commit to their job. They have to maximise team performance through effective staff development and regularly review team and individual performance against agreed objectives. Managers also have the responsibility of ensuring effective two-way communication to encourage staff input and involvement, and to maintain motivation among staff members. They also have to ensure staff recruitment in conjunction wit HR (human resources). As well as this, managers have to review departmental and team processes, and suggest appropriate improvements, develop new processes to support new business requirements and to establish and review standards of performance to achieve service level agreements. Mangers also have to ensure accountability and responsibility of the team and its individuals within the team. ...read more.


As well as these there are many courses available not only for mangers but any other employees. These can be internal courses are some are held externally from the business. Examples of these are a negotiation course and a leadership course. The negotiation one would be especially helpful for staff in the customer service department and employee who would be dealing with the public or other members of Elsevier, for example managers and team leaders. Elsevier even require leadership and negotiation skills as a key skill that an employee must have for a manager position. Again the leadership course would be helpful for staff members that are responsible for other employees, especially managers and team leaders. All these courses are ways for employees of Elsevier to develop and become better at the their job through learning new skills. This is a benefit both to the employee and Elsevier. Another position I have studied within Elsevier is a team leader, or supervisor. The purpose of this job is to support and be fully committed to the management team in achieving the department's aims and objectives. To fulfil this position at Elsevier there are key qualities you must have, these include, a working knowledge of Microsoft office computer systems, a good general standard of education with good communication and interpersonal and numeracy skills. ...read more.


Another technique used is regular appraisals and reviews with managers and team leaders. This way the employee can express how they feel they are performing in their job, and the manager can find a way to improve this or to challenge them more. Again this is going to help employees get motivated if their managers are taking an interest in them are being recognised for their contribution to the job. Finally Elsevier do offer a very good and wide range of benefits to their staff. These include health care planes, free eye tests and vouchers for glasses if needed, 25 days holiday per annum with a flexible holiday scheme, whereby you can buy or sell your days of holiday. They also offer a final salary pension scheme, which is becoming very rare within companies, Elsevier offer life assurance, health insurance, subsidised gym memberships, a social club which attend many different concerts, sports days, even trips to Canada and cinema trips. There is a 200 club, which is a scheme similar to the lottery, child care vouchers, season ticket loans for any transportation and finally there is an employee assistance programme, which is a 24 hour phone number that will answer any issues you may have, anything form cinema times and train times to general information. ...read more.

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