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A1 - Describe your 2 chosen businesses covering their activity, location, ownership, aims and objectives

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A1 - Describe your 2 chosen businesses covering their activity, location, ownership, aims and objectives Manchester Airport plc Business Activity Manchester airport is a business that provides a service to other businesses and the public. The facilities it provides are: the runways, terminals and also the services it offers to its customers i.e. the airlines. Manchester airport provides the facilities for other companies to run their businesses from and sell their products from. The actual airport company provides the main things for other companies like roads, drains, phones, runways, terminals. Its gets its capital from the other companies paying to use their facilities like the airlines paying to use the runway, the handling agents paying for the ticket desks and shopkeepers paying rent. The airport offers its products and services straight to the airlines and tour operators, so the airport is providing the facilities for the airlines to run their businesses and then sells its products and provides its own services to the passengers. The chain of production is a series of stages which add value (things have been done to the product/ service so that each customer can make profit before it is given to the consumer/ end-user). So Producers The airport They provide the services for the airline which have to pay rent. Wholesalers Airlines/ Tour operators The airlines pay rent to the airport so they will raise prices so that they will make profit. Retailers Airlines/ Travel agents These are also paying rent to the airport so they want to make profit so they raise their own prices more. Consumers Passengers The passengers will end up paying top price for the service as each customer is aiming to maximise profit. ...read more.


Labour Labour is a very important factor in the location because it is the biggest cost in a business, because there is a variation of the cost of labour between town and country or different cities so you want a location with a lower wage but still skilled labour. Also they have to see where there is skilled labour for their type of business and the availability of the labour. Financial Help A business might decide to locate their business where there are low local taxes. The UK's taxes on labour are among the lowest is Europe so companies would prefer to locate their business in the UK than in any other country in Europe. Transport and Communication Transport is a important factor in choosing the location of a business, because the staff need to be able to get to work easily, the customers need to be able to access the premises, the suppliers need to be able to access the premises. Communication is also important because the business will want cheap broadband and phone connection. Customers, Consumers and Suppliers This, I would say, is the most important factor for the location of a business. I think this because without the customers, consumers, or suppliers the business wouldn't be able to make profit as the suppliers need access to deliver the goods and the customers and consumers need to be able to access the premises as well to be able to purchase the goods or get the service the business provides. Aims/Objectives The Aims and Objectives of a business are the short and long term goals of the business. ...read more.


This is good as it is easy assessable and will help bring more customers to the park. Customers Blackpool airport provides services and products to many different people and so they have many different customers. Blackpool pleasure beaches markets are: * Schools, * Travel trade - coach operators, tour operators, * Tourist information services, * Youth groups, * Promoters, * Grey markets, * Corporate clientele. The people that visit Blackpool pleasure beach are also the customers, these are two different clientele, day and stay. In 2005 62% of the visitors were stay. This shows that more people are taking it as a holiday to the pleasure beach instead of just a day trip and that people are travelling further and are having to stay over. Aims/Objectives Blackpool pleasure beach has a mission statement, the mission statement reads: "To make adults feel like children again!" The mission statement is a general statement of what the airport wants to do as a business over a long period of time. This is an aim as its long term and non-specific and does not have a time limit. Blackpool Pleasure Beach's statement means that the rides and facilities they offer will make the adults feel more like children by going on the rides. The objectives of Blackpool Pleasure Beach are to: * Remain Britain's number one tourist attraction, * Provide a first class service in quality leisure entertainment to all markets, * Be at the forefront of amusement park design, * Entertain visitors through first class, live entertainment, * Increase footfall - people through the door day per year, * Increase brand awareness, * Become a destination in ourselves - a one stop shop. These are the objectives as these are specific, measurable and realistic. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashton Braithwaite A1 ...read more.

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