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A1.How the organisational structure, culture and management style inter-relates in the business and evaluate their impact and that of ICT on the performance of the business.

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A1.How the organisational structure, culture and management style inter-relates in the business and evaluate their impact and that of ICT on the performance of the business. The organisational structure in which Sainsbury's uses is how Sainsbury's move the ranks from highest to lowest. For Sainsbury's to not have levels of different hierarchy then it would not give anybody a rank, which would make the aims of Sainsbury's not do well in terms of not having someone to be a manager and manage all the staff and make decisions. Without the chain of command workers would be lost and would not know what to do. The way in which the hierarchal structure works for Sainsbury's is that they have one Manager who looks after all of the operational staff by making the decisions of what they should do and guiding them with any queries or problems. The hierarchal structure in which Sainsbury's has yet not been put down in terms of not working as they are very good in their selling of products and fails not to impress by being one of the most popular product chains in the UK as well as making a lot of profit on there way to success. ...read more.


The culture in which Sainsbury's use is power culture, which is essential to Sainsbury's so that when making decisions nothing inappropriate is to occur to fault the aims and objectives in which Sainsbury's has. The manager who is chosen for any Sainsbury's is made sure they are the person right for the outfit of the job intended as they are to be the best to achieve more and accomplish what Sainsbury's expects of them in terms of having good ideas to improve and motivate their staff when the staff are working and to be very motivated themselves. This affects employees by the staff being motivated to do the job and complete what is asked of them and also to do it well and efficiently. When the manager gives an objective to members of staff it is essential that what is required by the manager is what is being done. The manager is the idea maker on the floor and has to make plans in which are suitable for the business in the best way possible. ...read more.


To avoid this there are loop holes such as having anti virus programs installed into your pc in order for hackers and malicious files to be contained in your computer. Another disadvantage to using the computer and ICT technology is that it is quite costly in the long run having to always update certain software and programs to keep up to date with new viruses, new office programs etc. It all costs a lot but again could be an advantage to the fact that at least it is not an hourly wage you are paying the computer. The last disadvantage of this would be to pay operational staff for training to use the programs installed on the computers and how to use certain new technology. This is good as employees are learning new things to compensate for the business using new technology but how does the business compensate for the business hours lost while employees are being trained and there is no one to work in there place during there time away. Olalekan Akindele Business at work ...read more.

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