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Adding Value to a product.

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Adding Value Adding value means every stage in the production stage it increases the price and the desire to the product. So when the product is finally made it will make the price twice the amount as it started the production stage 1. For example the production systems used to make special Christmas items or packaging; C.1. Make judgements about how successfully the Business is meeting its objective. The objectives of the business. Tesco's approach to ethical business operates on three levels:- > Compliance: opening up to defined standards of human rights, social welfare and worker safety, environmental protection and, where relevant, wider ethical issues like consumer protection. > Disclosure: only through public disclosure can a real process of dialogue and discussion with stakeholders be achieved and the right direction charted for the future. > Campaigning: to play an active part in campaigning for positive change in the way the business operates, with the ultimate aim of making a positive social and environmental impact on the world at large. Tesco believes that the business has responsibility to the communities in which it operates. To this end, they support and encourage employees throughout the world to volunteer their time in local action. ...read more.


A1. Explain how the organisational structure, culture and management styles interrelate in the business. The Organisation structure, Culture and Management styles all relate to one anther. To become a successful business you need make all the internal factors involving the Business right. Tesco has been around for over 25 years and is named top supermarket retailer in the UK and one of the best in the world in. Tesco's organisational structure is a hierarchical structure . And you can clearly see the levels of authority, and you would need to show the authority with the management styles of Democratic and Consultative because these two styles let there staff have more say in decisions, and they might get too demanding so. The hierarchical structure goes well with the management style because it lets the staff have a say, but they know their position. The Culture has a big affect on the organisational structure and the management style, because the culture has principles to help gain the objectives, with all these together it will form a complete organisation, they will gel together to make the objectives achievable. A2. Evaluate the impact of the organisation how the organisational structure, culture and management style on the performance of the business. ...read more.


The information from the checks is used to improve performance or to see if it meeting its targets. This will help to meet the needs of the customers by giving them satisfaction. The quality assurance where all the employees in Tesco have the responsibility of all the stages of the production process. This means the employees check the production process and the quality is at a high standard. This means the shift workers will have to make regular checks for the ingredients to be made into health care products. This helps improve the quality of the production at each stage. This means the finished product will reach the customers at the highest quality. When the quality is always high the customers will keep buying from Tesco it will make the market share get higher because they wont lose any customers but gain thought the quality of the products. The quality controlled systems is not just used in the production, its also in the finance department, because they need to make sure that all the money transactions are correct if there not the accounts will go wrong and the overall figures will be inaccurate. Also the marketing department has to make sure that research is accurate because if it is they might not be giving what the customers want. ...read more.

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