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Administration Department.

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Administration Department The Administration department supports all the activities of J-Sainsbury's. The administration department is involved in the day-to-day running of J-Sainsbury's. In order to be well organized and efficient j-Sainsbury must have effective administration systems. Administration work at J-Sainsbury's will include: > Dealing with post and emails. > Replying to all letters and telephone enquiries. > Keeping records up-to-date and filed. > Dealing promptly with enquiries. > Responding quickly to complaints. > Organizing meetings. > Photocopying documents. > Providing security systems and staff for the business. > Providing cleaning and maintenance staff for the business. As you can see j-Sainsbury's administration department has a lot of duties to do. Dealing with post and emails correctly and quickly is important for J-Sainsbury's there is always important information coming in the post and the ...read more.


J-Sainsbury's administration department has a responsibility arranging all the meetings for the manager. This involves confirming the date, time and the place of where the meeting will be held, booking the room, organizing the refreshments and making sure all the paper work is prepared. The administration departments have the responsibility to respond to all enquiries which are made by the customers, prospective customers, from inside of the organization and even from the outside for example from suppliers or the companies bank, solicitor or even from local council and many others. J-Sainsbury's administration departments need to answer all the enquiries promptly and accurately. Also J-Sainsbury's administration department have other duties like purchase of all routine resources required by office staff. Things like small items of equipment, such as staplers and calculators to paper and envelopes. ...read more.


Examples of administration in the branches include: > Organising efficient work rotas. > Keeping accurate records of staff attendance. > Filing all documents in a secure place. > Making sure all the maintenance checks are carried out on the equipment. > Responding quickly to all telephone enquiries. If the administration is not effective the business will be inefficient and will not be successful. These are four job roles within the administration department. Company secretary A senior executive responsible for all the legal affairs of the company, dealing with shareholders, insurance and pension matters and Organising directors' meetings. It manager Managing all the It requirements of the company, including equipment maintenance and advising on future needs. Chief security officer Responsible for the security staff and for advising on security requirements. PA/secretarial staff Responsible for providing secretarial and administrative support, usually to senior managers. ...read more.

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