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Advantages of using credit cards

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There are many advantages of using the credit cards in our life. First, they allow us to make purchases on credit without carry a lot of cash. Nowadays, the public security of our country is not safe and peace. So, we will having dangerous if we brought lots of cash went out. But using the credit card is more protected and safe. For example, when we have the credit card in our wallet, we don?t have to carry many cash that can be stolen or lost. ...read more.


If we found that the credit card is lost or stolen, we can report the missing card to the credit card company. Then, the company will stop accepting any charges on our card. So, we won?t be charged for purchases made by someone else. We can also withdraw cash from many branches of the issuing company of from a variety of ATM?s all over the word. Besides that, using the credit card is best for the people who are planning to expand their business as a company which uses the payment option usually results in a more rapid customer payment turnaround and the statement. ...read more.


Now would the sellers rather wait for the money and slow down their business or rather provide the customers with a quicker and more convenient way to pay them back. Next, using the credit card builds a good credit history. If we use our card responsibly, we can begin to build a good credit rating for ourselves. Later in our life, when we need a loan, a lender will want evidence that we pay our debts. A good credit card will help us to get the loan. A poor credit history will work against you. ...read more.

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