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Advert Analysis

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Nestle Heaven Bar Advert. 1. The URL is on the advert so people can check out the website for more information about the chocolate bar, for example: allergy warnings, ingredients and other versions in the Heaven range. This helps to boost sales as more people will know about the Heaven sub-brand and know what other chocolate bars are currently available. 2. The font of the advert is to promote the chocolate bar by making it sound irresistible to the customers. This is good as better the phrase or slogan is the more people are willing to buy the chocolate bar. 3. This is a picture chocolate bar so people know what to watch out for when they go out shopping if they want to purchase the chocolate bar. ...read more.


6. The background of the advert it is there to grab the reader's attention more as it stands out against the rest of the magazine so people are more likely to notice the advert. It is good as the two shades of brown looks like it has waves in so makes the chocolate bar look smoother and links with the theme of chocolate. 7. It is an image of the little praline balls of smooth hazelnut chocolate. This is good as people know what the little balls look like and know what they are eating. 8. Is the little caption on the bottom of the chocolate bar wrapper which tells you what the chocolate bar is and what it tastes like. ...read more.


It is good as if a person who couldn't speak great English didn't have to ask what hazelnuts were they could tell by the images. 12. It is the little few words at the bottom of the advert which are asking a sort of like a rhetorical question to the reader asking them if they can't wait to eat the chocolate bar. This is good as again the reader is getting pulled into the advert and it has made it more personal. 13. This is the little star sign which makes the reader look for the other information on the chocolate bar. This is good as the reader will read the information which goes with the star. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andrew Cruickshank Business Coursework ...read more.

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