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Aim - To increase a businesses market share

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The Aim The aim of this assignment is to prepare a market strategy and to suggest how Suburban nightclub in Morpeth could increase its market share (The proportion of industry sales of a good or service that is controlled by a company.) through sales (Contract involving transfer of a possession and ownership of a good, or the entitlement to a service, in exchange for money or value.) Ways of achieving my aim To increase market share suburban could make a new product, appeal to a new audience or edit and further promote an existing product. As sales of the teen night have not gone as well as expected I will make it my mission to improve the attendance to the under 18's night by persuading more customers to the event. This would be the easiest and cheapest way to increase market share as the event that has already organised and is already appealing to an unfamiliar audience. The under 18's night at Suburban is on the last Friday in the month. The club is yet to familiarize its self with the target audience and thus has no loyal customers that attend on a regular basis. ...read more.


� Explore the product being offered, and whether it provides the consumer with what they want to buy, such as the right music, drinks, etc. � Scrutinize the place where the club is located, as to the access of customers, and the area around it To determine the answers to these aims I will use a variety of different sources to take data from such as: � The web, I will use articles published by the media, and for information on the market mix of Suburban, specifically, the Place, and the Promotion.(Secondary Research) � I will also use the survey data that has been collected from the local area surrounding Suburban . This survey was carried out by me to a completely random selection of 50, 13-17 year olds. (Primary Research) Methodology To achieve my target I will have to investigate into the market to do this I will use both primary and secondary research to get all of the information that is needed. Primary or Field Research- Obtaining new data for a specific purpose. Typically, the data is gathered by face-to-face interviews, by telephone or by post, using questionnaires. ...read more.


A questionnaire also allows the questions to be suited to Quantitative and Qualative answers for later analysis. Secondly I will participate in secondary research, this data will be gathered from places such as the internet and books, however when the book, newspaper or website was published they might have designed their questions to another use so allot of the data will have no meaning to my investigation. However I will be able to gather information in allot less time and with less expense to me in time and money. Using the clubs website will enable me to gather information specific to my needs, things such as special events dates times and costs can all be researched in a relatively small amount of time. It will also allow me to look at trends already set up by the club and the PR they employ, this will give me further insight into the things that I am able to do with the club as I would not want to do something that is far off the gradient of the club. I will be able to sue Google maps to look at the clubs location as well as; the surrounding area, competitors and means of access. ...read more.

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