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Aims and Objective of the Business

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D1 Mini Introduction In this coursework, I will be describing how functional areas help to achieve the aims and objective that contributes to a successful business. To explain this I will use same aims and objectives from my M1. I will also add few more aims and objectives of my own, as I do not have enough in M1. I have chosen Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) and Tesco as an example of a business. Manchester United Football Club The aims of MUFC are: * Make more profit * Attract more fans * Make their team better The objectives MUFC are: * To make bigger stadiums * To appoint a better coach * To buy new better players Financial department is important to achieve all this aims and objectives. ...read more.


If these departments failed to contribute effectively, the team will start falling apart. Firstly, the team's performance will become worse because of no good coach. All the good players in the team will leave the team and start joining other team. Then the fans for team will decrease day by day. If a stadium is built and marketing department does not do their job no one will visit their stadium and the whole business will fail. Tesco Aims of Tesco: * Sell more products * To sell high quality products at low prices * Attract more customers Objectives of the Tesco: * To provide better service to customer in order to attract them * Show shareholder that they will make more profit * Build new stores to sell more products Functional areas like finance department, customer service department marketing department all will have to contribute in order to achieve their aims. ...read more.


If these functional areas failed to do their job then the business will be bankrupt as people will not visit Tesco even though if it's close to them as marketing department may not have done their job. People will not buy their shares. People who visit their store may not visit again if the customer service department has not improved the service provided to the customer. If finance department failed to give enough money to other departments then none of the department will be able to do their task. So it's important for all the departments to contribute if not then business will be bankrupt. Conclusion From this coursework, I conclude that it is very important for all the business to contribute towards the business or else the business will go bankrupt. If they will perform well then the business will have more profit. ?? ?? ?? ?? D1 Pranav Jadva ...read more.

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