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Aims and objectives for a sandwich business.

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Level 2 First Diploma Business Unit 2 ?People in an Organisation Assignment 1 Kerrie Smart Layla Johnson Unit 2 ?task 1 (p1) Aims are long term plans which provide an overview of the businesses overall goals which are usually reviewed in the next 3-5 years. Organisations in the private sector have aims which are primarily based on profit and repeat customers. This may be because privately owned businesses have to please shareholders who are usually looking for a return on their investment. Businesses within the public sector strive to improve their service their aims reflect this they also may include statements about quality and efficiency. ...read more.


Unit 2 ?task 2 (p2) Objectives are set because aims can be too big to handle all at once so they are split into 3-5 objectives which are more detailed and measurable they?re also used to keep and organisation focused this can be highly beneficial to a business in any sector. Aims are set because a business needs a goal to aim for they provide the staff with motivation and a drive to do whatever they can to achieve their visions. Unit 2 ?task 3 (p3) Aim1- To add variety to the menu 1. ...read more.


To add 5 different offers to the menu in the next 1 month and keep the offers in play for the next 2 months 3. To replace 2 products that are making a loss with2 new products within the next 4 months Aim3- To gain back lost customers and to gain some new ones 1. To produce 20 signs promoting the business and place around the area within 10 days 2. Design products that appeal to your specific target market alter 2 products within 3 months 3. To add 3 special offers to some of the most popular products within 1 month as to draw past customers back to your establishment ...read more.

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