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Aims and Objectives of businesses e.g Richards paints and Ikea

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Activity 1 Task 1 - Controlled assignment- Investigating Business Reasons I chose Richards Paints I chose Richards Paints because it is a small, local business that manufactures and sells industrial paint and delivers paint direct to customers. Richards Paints is also a business to business and has a website that you can browse and visit the place and interview people in the organisation. It is also a small independent company operating from purpose built premises close to the Midlands motorway network. Affording excellent access to companies around the world. Another reason why I have chosen to investigate Richards Paints is because I wanted to compare the differences of a small, local business to a large worldwide business which has lots of stores across the world. Research and Planning I planned to carry out my research by having a face to face interview with someone from the business, visiting the place, looking at leaflets and brochures, looking up Richards Paints website to find any information or to see if they had any TV adverts. But at the end I carried out my research by having a face to face interview with Martyn Round who was from Richards Paints as he answered most of my questions, tries finding some leaflets or brochures but could not find any, but I managed to find information about the business on the internet on Richards Paints official website providing information. I chose these methods of research because they are straight forward and easy. Methods Of Research Advantages Disadvantages Face to face interview They can answer any of your questions that you want to ask, and you can speak to them directly. They can be biased and not tell the truth so that there company will look good. They might not answer your questions. ...read more.


Reasons I chose Ikea I have also chosen Ikea because it is a large business and fits into national and international criteria. It is also a retail business and it sells business to business and business to consumer. Ikea produces different products compared to Richards Paints. You can search the website and they can provide you with a lot of information. You can visit and interview the people in the organisation. Sells different kinds of products from wardrobes to kitchen utensils, it is a little bit far away and it is a big company, it is a business to business and business to consumer, it has a website and you can visit and interview people from Ikea. Research and Planning Methods Of Research Advantages Disadvantages Face to face interview They can answer any of your questions that you want to ask, and you can speak to them directly. They can be biased and not tell the truth so that there company will look good. They might not answer your questions. Visiting the place Leaflets and Brochures You don't just have your opinions you get to know other peoples opinions. Won't be reliable because it is likely for the leaflets or brouchers to have evidence to prove that Ikea do this or Richards Paints specialise in this. TV Adverts Everyone can see it on the television and it is short and snappy. It might be too quick so you might miss it and it might only come on once in a while. Website It's good to give background information It might take too long to load up the web page. Internet The internet gives more information and resources to find out information that you need. ...read more.


The purpose of Ikea The purpose of Ikea is to maximise the raw materials and production, adaptation to meet peoples needs and preferences has meant that their costs are low that's why Ikea exists and not just for that but all the environment friendly staff that help their customers to get what they need, the amount of use full products that they sell, the cheap products they sell so low prices that nearly everyone could get them self something from the different Ikea stores a round the world. (YOU WILL FIND THIS INFORMATION IN MY IKEA RESEARCH FILE ON PAGES 8, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20 AND 21) Competitors of Ikea The main competitors of Ikea are: Future Village - Gallagher Retail Park, Axletree Way, Wednesbury, WS10 9QY PC World - Axletree Way, Wednesbury, West Midlands Ws10 9QY Maggie's traditional General Store- 137-139 Franchise St, Wednesbury, WS10 9RH Sienna Rose Leather Goods & Accessories - 5 Brunswick Gardens, Wednesbury, WS10 and Argos. There are huge amounts of competitors due to a large variety of products they sell, Argos is main threat competition in local area has followed due to success of Ikea, Ikea competes on price, quality and availability and they focus on price and out of the three. Price - affordable furniture, negotiate with suppliers to bring down prices which cut costs and pass on savings to customers. Quality - there should be decent quality, durable products, but Ikea furniture is not designed to last a lifetime, affordable and fashionable so people can renew it more often. The availability is not so good but they do have a stock check phone line, therefore you can ring and check before you travel and also same facility is available online, but it is not in real time There is a delay so not as accurate as it could be as Ikea mainly competes on price. ...read more.

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