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Aims and Objectives of two contrasting organisations (boots and oxfam)

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Aims and Objectives of a Business Strategic aims and objectives of two different organisations * Aims are just general statements briefly outlining what a business plans to achieve. * Objectives are much more specific and should clarify the aims in more detail. * A Business Strategy is the conduct of drafting, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives. Aims are broken down into individual objectives which are SMART; Specific - the objective will have a purpose Measureable - growth can be measured Achievable - It will not be impossible to achieve Realistic - It Time specific - It will be able to be achieved within a certain time frame Strategic plans enable a business to achieve its Objectives. They are based on what is happening in current marketplace. So a business must do research and find lots of different information about its, customers, competitors, sales, market shares, price, costs and profits. This information is found by doing Market Research. This information can either be Quantitative or Qualitative. Quantitative data - information easily gathered by numbers. Qualitative data - information based on opinion, beliefs, feelings. A strategic plan considers the future of current decisions, overall policy, organizational development, and links to operational plans. . It establishes imperatives, goals, strategies, and performance measures for the organization that can be used as a management and communications tool. Strategies for the Public Sector A hospital may have the aim to provide better customer service. Their objectives; * Make sure all patients in A&E are seen within 15mins * Always having ambulances ready * Answering all phones within ten seconds Plans to achieve this: * Constantly checking the quality of customer service * Buying more ambulances and hiring more ambulance staff * Provide services at ...read more.


A Shareholder in any Business is mainly interested in the company making a profit so that their shares go up in value, therefore they get more money. Customers - someone who pays for goods or services. Customers would have a keen interest in the aim 'Ensuring that they continue to deliver an excellent core service to all customers'. This is because when a customer goes into a shop they expect there to be great customer service, they are there spending their money on that companies goods so they expect the highest standard of customer service. Otherwise they would take their custom elsewhere. Suppliers- someone whose business is to supply a particular service or commodity. Suppliers would have a keen interest in the aim 'Differentiating their product offering.' This is because if Boots want to offer new products to their customers they will have to buy them off their suppliers. This means the Suppliers would be making more money. Making a profit is the Suppliers main aim. Boots order on-line collect in-store strategy would affect the following stakeholders; Customers - would be winners, as it makes shopping more convient for them. They can shop 24/7 and they don't even have to leave their own homes. Shareholders - would be winners because when shopping is more convienent for customers sales will go up therefore shareholders will make more profit. Older Customers - would be losers, because some older people may not own a computer or even know how to use one. So it would not make shopping more convienent for them at all. Boots strategy of Differentiating their product offering would affect the following stakeholder; Customers - would be winners as they would have a wider and better range of products to choose from. ...read more.


IYP sittings are international meetings between action partners that are convened every 2-3 years. Through IYP sittings action partners build skills, networks and develop social change initiatives. IYP sittings launch a cycle of activity and programs to be implemented over the next two years. Research and information exchange To establish a significant exchange of learning, information and research relating to the issues that face young people and the actions they have taken for the positive and sustainable change locally, nationally and globally. Youth Participation To actively promote the right of young men and women to meaningful participation in the decision making processes that affect their lives. IYP empowers Action Partners to participate in policy development and decision making at all levels. Oxfam International To facilitate and enhance the work of Oxfam International and its affiliates with young people around the globe. M1 Stakeholders A key Stakeholder in Oxfam would be The Third World Countries that it helps. They are probably the most important stakeholder as their lives often depend on the goodwill and charity Oxfam provides for them. Third World countries would have an interest in all of Oxfams aims, 'To relieve poverty, distress and suffering', 'To campaign for a fairer world', etc. Another Stakeholder would be the Employees (Volunteers). Oxfam employees do not get a Salary; they work for free (volunteer). This means they will have a keen interest in helping the business provide aid for third world countries. So they will have particular interest in aims such as 'to recruit five million Change Makers across South Asia by 2011'. The Government would also have a keen interest in the aims of Oxfam. They would in particular be interested in the aim to 'stop conflict (campaigning for an international arms trade treaty). They would be interested in this as international arms would be very important to the Government. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Catherine Rosenberg ...read more.

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