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Aims and Objectives of Woburn Safari Park and Thomas Cook.

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Ersin Kilic P2/P3 Woburn Safari Park To meet organisational aims Woburn Safari Park needs to make profit, maximise sales revenue, increase market share and to ensure compliance with regulations. Mission Statement: To generate income which will secure the long-term future of the safari park and contribute to the Woburn Estate and its significance a part of Britain's heritage. Woburn Safari Park does this by giving shares of its profit to The Abbey. This will be achieved by maintaining Woburn safari park as a quality value for money day out for young families providing, entertainment and relevant educational message and by making a real contribution to conservation. Woburn Safari Park keeps families entertained with their facilities such as the foot safari and road safari an etc. It gives knowledge to people with their shows, talks and demonstrations. there is road safari which helps the customers get a better view of the animals without the danger of being unprotected while being in such a close proximity. Meeting organisational aims Woburn is a privately owned business so one of its priorities is to make profit. There are many ways in which the Safari Park earns it's income. This includes the gift shop; The gift shop is a very good way of earning money because most customers will spend some money inside the shop to buy stuff for their family, especially visits from schools, the children wouldn't realise how expensive the products are so they wouldn't hesitate to buy items for themselves or for someone else. Woburn has facilities where you can eat and drink such as the restaurant and the caf�. The families who visit the safari would need a place to eat and would spend their money to eat and sustain the whole family. These facilities can also be used to relax e.g. after having a tour around the foot safari the families can sit and have what they desire. ...read more.


Contribution to international and UK economies One of Woburn Safari Parks aims is to improve their reputation and spread their name beyond the border of the UK. By doing so, tourists will know about Woburn Safari Park and will consider having a visit their. Woburn needs to increase their market share, they can do this by increasing their company name e.g. advertising, good customer service. Thomas Cook To meet organisational aims Needs to needs to make profit, maximise sales revenue, increase market share and to ensure compliance with regulations. Meeting organisational aims Thomas cook is a non-charitable company so therefore it makes it's income through sales such as, the holiday tickets and packages. Commission is obtained to staff who is able to sell their ancillary products e.g. transport insurance. To maximize sales revenue Thomas cook gives discounts in some flights during some seasons, e.g. holidays in winter and summer to Canary Islands in 2011 has 10% discount. And departures in January receive a guaranteed �100 off. These deals encourage customers to fly using Thomas Cook as they provide discounts fro customers. To increase market share Thomas cook gives the customers good service by meeting their needs, making customers happy will ensure repeat business, and will gain more customers. Reducing prices of the tickets will also encourage customers to revisit, which means money after every visit. To ensure compliance with regulations: Disability Discrimination Act is a legislation which all organisations should follow, so therefore the high street stores should be able to be accessed by disabled people. The hotels that are in the UK and work with Thomas Cook also should follow this legislation, so the disabled customers could access the hotel with ease and also make the holiday enjoyable to them. Products and services offered To the organisation: Thomas cook is a member of ABTA. ABTA protects the customers when they have a bad situation such as the volcanic ash that had happened recently. ...read more.


Customers can check on Wardown museums website for any enquiries, however they only get limited information from the web. Giving out leaflets is another way where customers can find out things that are in the museum e.g. facilities. Integration Wardown is a non profitable organisation. It receives its money from sponsors which is Luton Borough Council Interdependency Wardown museum visits schools to explain, the importance of museums and how it can help us. Because the over 60's hasn't really got the strength to explore museums Wardown museum visits them to show the products that they have e.g. antiques and pictures, then the old people can express their feelings on the products. Museums in Luton all have an alliance as they are all owned by the Luton Borough Council. E.g. Wardown museum and Stockwood Discovery Centre both have an alliance. Thomas Cook Tour Operator > Travel Agency > Customer Last minute deals are cheap because the company is better off selling the ticket rather then it getting wasted. Last minute bookings are done from internet. Due to online booking the high street retail shops are declining. With Online booking you can't get the full information on holidays. People can also book holidays by calling the call centres this is the quickest way to get in touch with a member of staff in the agency s there are hundreds of people behind the phone waiting for you to call. Another way where a customer can book his holiday is by going physically to the travel agent. This is the longest way to book a holiday as you have to walk to the agency and queue but this way you can get all the information you want. Integration In 1996 Thomas cook acquired Sunworld which was UK's and Irelands fourth largest tour operator. In 2008 Thomas Cook acquires Canada's TriWest Travel Holdings. Interdependency Thomas cook is interdependent with the hotels. For example, Thomas cook can call a hotel and ask for 30 rooms. Thomas Cook is dependant to that hotel having 30 rooms available. And hotels are expecting agencies to give them customers. ...read more.

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